Enjoy a warm life in a pure French rural home

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Pure French rural home

building a pure French rural home does not depend on large investment. French villages pay great attention to the collocation of colors and elements. If you master this, you can create a pure French rural home without spending more money

how to be a French rural home

French rural warm home: it has an elegant appearance and a simple atmosphere of nature and countryside. Characteristic accessories of French Countryside: antiques, blue, yellow, flowers and natural ornaments, gold-plated utensils. French countryside pays special attention to the rustic details of rural elements: accessories, stripes, lace, painting, etc

relaxed rural atmosphere in the bedroom

furniture and decorations have a relaxed French rural atmosphere. The small gold trim treatment on the furniture is in contrast to the soft wall treatment. The tablecloth covered with lace on the bedside table adds a romantic charm to the bedroom

living room - elegant taste

floor curtains with complex trim treatment. Rich fabrics and furniture with gold trim are the symbols of French countryside. The iconic feature of the beautiful French country living room is Elegance: rich but not dazzling, complex but not trivial

kitchen - Vanilla Sky

wooden countertops are most suitable for French country kitchens. Exquisite furniture, the treatment of every detail is very beautiful. The wall is surrounded by tiles with the same color printing. The beautiful classical plates are displayed on the shelves on the wall, forming an extraordinarily beautiful scenery in the kitchen





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