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The picture of Chutian Metropolis Daily News is: the photos taken by the winning netizens at the scene

reporter Yin Jie

the three-month "yixiaoxing wardrobe cup decoration diary competition" held by Chutian Metropolis Daily household weekly in conjunction with Wuhan home decoration network, came to a successful conclusion at the end of December 2011 with the positive response and enthusiastic participation of readers and netizens. The competition selected one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, and four stars of the month. On January 8th, 2012, the organizer of the competition held a warm and warm award ceremony at the Royal Club of Aijia international Huacheng

according to the judges of the competition, the award-winning criteria of the diary are mainly judged from the number of posts, update speed, quality of diary content, netizens' replies and the number of posts. "A good decoration diary is not only illustrated and rich in content, but also has a strong reference significance, which can help other netizens who are decorating or plan to decorate less detours." Huang Zhonghui, one of the competition judges and the wardrobe marketing director of yixiaohang, said

why write a decoration diary? "This is indeed a very good platform. It can not only clarify your decoration ideas in time, but also communicate with other fellow Chinese and share experience." Zhang Hua, a netizen who won the third prize and a post-80s generation, said when accepting the award that the decoration was "deep in water", the owners should be careful. At the same time, for young people who have little savings, they need to help each other, strive for as little money as possible, and pretend to be a satisfactory home

since taking part in the competition, Wang Lei has tried to put himself on the Internet as much as possible, because many netizens ask him questions about the decoration process every day. "If you don't reply in time, the next time you meet online, you don't know how many days later. The decoration changes day by day, and you may miss the opportunity to help them." Wang Lei said

due to Wang Lei's perseverance, he shared with you the solutions to every problem he encountered in the decoration, and wrote his experience of fighting wits and bravery with merchants in his diary, so that more people learned to understand the decoration. Finally, with little suspense, he won the first prize in this competition - A sofa set worth 5000 yuan of Golden Horse triumph home. "The decoration diary competition in 2012 will be launched after the year. On the basis of summarizing the experience of this activity, we will provide netizens with more valuable services and richer and practical rewards." The person in charge of Wuhan home decoration network said

decoration diary competition award winning result

first prize "Su Xu's decoration diary" entry id:cdjyjc

second prize "after 85 appearance Association pseudo lolly hypocritical nest blood and tears history" entry ID: fish ball River noodles

Phoenix's home is starting "entry ID: Phoenix's home

third prize" youyou orchid's decoration diary "entry ID: youyou orchid

" pig's nest "birth" entry id:rubyhu

"the post-80s generation The decoration process of Fujiwara tofu, a "non rice clan", entry id:zch414879761





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