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Since the opening of the second child, many families have welcomed the birth of a second baby. But many families do not prepare a separate room for the second baby. How to sleep for two children is a problem. Now there is a bed type on the market, children's high and low bed, which has been pursued by many people. This is really a good choice. Today, I want to introduce to you the skills of choosing children's high and low beds and the pictures of children's high and low beds. I hope you will like them

introduction to children's high and low beds

the greatest contribution of the birth of children's high and low beds is to solve the defect of insufficient indoor space in many families at present. Therefore, high and low beds can be designed for two children at home, and suitable beds can be customized according to the age of children and the size of the room. It is also helpful for families with only one child, such as the high-low bunk with a lower desk, which does not mean that only two children can use it

in the choice, we should consider the problem of children growing up. If you want children to grow up and continue to sleep, you can choose neutral ones, such as pure pine. Even if children grow up, there is no problem at all, and adults can sleep. Only when I was a child, I could choose the cartoon color one

children's high and low bed pictures

first of all, let's take a look at the styles of children's high and low beds:

1. The combination of going to bed and under the desk

is suitable for the common high and low bed configuration of single families. The upper bunk sleeps and the lower bunk studies. Now most university dormitories also choose this kind of & rdquo; High and low bed &ldquo

2. Interesting combination

is more suitable for some low-age children. In addition to the basic configuration of high-low children's beds, some interesting components such as slides and climbing frames will be added. Besides sleeping and learning, the function of the activity area will also be added

3. Multi function combination

most customized furniture will adopt this combination, mainly adding storage, wardrobe and other functions in addition to the functions of bed and desk

4. The combination of two children

is a high-low bed with single beds up and down, mainly for two children with small age difference at home

5. Look at the house type combination

the design of beds is the same up and down, but compared with the previous model, the lower berth of this style is a double bed, which is more suitable for parents or grandparents to sleep with their children, or two children with a large age gap. After all, when the children are old, the small single bed is uncomfortable to sleep in

children's high and low bed purchase skills

first, you can compare in many ways

no matter what you buy, you need to compare and choose. First of all, we need to know about the high and low beds first. Search online, or go to the physical store to have a look and listen to the salesperson's introduction. It is more convenient for you to have a comprehensive understanding of your choice

II. The height and size of high and low beds should be appropriate.

height of children's beds need special attention. Because children are growing their bodies, they need to determine a suitable size before they can be used. Therefore, the height of children's high and low bed is about 50cm, because it matches the height and body shape of children, so children will feel more comfortable

third, choose high and low beds without sharp edges and corners

when buying furniture for children, be sure to pay attention to the smooth edges and corners. It is best not to expose the rivets of each joint of the furniture. If there are protruding metal details, wrap them with rubber or soft cushion to prevent children from being hurt in the fight

high and low beds are divided into upper and lower bunks, so the upper bunk must have a guardrail. The guardrail must not be too low, otherwise it will not play a protective role, and the guardrail must be strong, otherwise the child may fall down during sleep

IV. choose high and low beds with novel and interesting shapes

because children are growing up and it is also the time to develop their imagination, parents should buy some beds with cute or novel shapes when choosing high and low beds for their children, so that children will not be excluded, but also stimulate their imagination

the above are the pictures of children's high and low beds and purchasing skills for you. I hope they can help you. If you want to know other relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention, and look forward to more wonderful ones




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