Yaxiu wall cloth won the honorary title of top ten

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In golden autumn October, the 2018 Xinbang Technology China wallcovering award dinner kicked off in Yunyi space on October 24. With the theme of "Xin concept · night of enjoyment", many brand manufacturers in the wall fabric industry were invited to attend and give awards.

(Wang Yuwei, general manager of Yaxiu)

among them, "Yaxiu embroidery wall fabric" stood out among many high-quality enterprises and won the honor of "top ten brands in the credibility of the wall fabric market"

it is reported that the evaluation of this activity has gone through enterprise registration, data submission, qualification evaluation, data verification, comprehensive evaluation and other links. Finally, the most authoritative "top ten brands of wall covering market credibility" was selected with reference to the professional selection of insiders and netizens' voting. The whole selection process is fair, just and open

in the award ceremony, the reporter also specially interviewed Wang Yuwei, general manager of Yaxiu wallcovering. He said that the reason why Yaxiu has made such great achievements is inseparable from consumers' affirmation of Yaxiu and the local service of franchised store dealers. In order to meet the needs of consumers in the future, Yaxiu will integrate soft clothing into products such as curtains, wall panels, decorative paintings and so on. Yaxiu will implement a national unified price, an online and offline price, to be the most authoritative and professional online platform in the wall fabric industry, and implement the unification of five networks. In the future, Yaxiu will become the most influential enterprise in the new retail of wall fabrics

for Yaxiu, " Top ten brands of wall cloth market credibility "It's just the beginning. Yaxiu ・ embroidered wall cloth will always adhere to the spirit of ingenuity to bring better products to consumers, and also contribute more strength to the vigorous development of the industry!

Yaxiu wall cloth's innovative style, the combination of multiculturalism, the inheritance and subversion of tradition, has penetrated into the blood of everyone in the professional R & D and design team, and has become the aorta of enterprise development. Focusing on quality, improving speed, and keeping reputation has become the core of yabis people Basic principles. Jabis seamless wall cloth is closer to nature, with more fashionable elements, noble and elegant

(source: Yaxiu embroidered wall cloth)




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