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The appearance of Ashley Waltz cloakroom is fresh and fashionable, neat and generous. It is compact and practical in structure and zoning, with perfect and powerful storage functions, complete functions and strong practicability

board: solid wood particle board

series: Fashion flow series

style: modern simplicity

color: mainstream color

overall impression: beige cloth pattern appears fresh and bright, L-shaped classic structure is compact and beautiful, and there are all kinds of storage accessories

the base material of the cabinet is 18mm MDF, with melamine finish imitating cloth pattern. The cloth pattern is slightly concave convex, true and natural

the edge banding is flat and even, and there are no black lines and jagged marks. In addition, the plates have the ishley anti-counterfeiting logo

the seagull shaped handle is fashionable, easy to push and pull, and simplifies the overall wardrobe line

the clothes pass rod is made of aluminum alloy and specially coated with PVC to effectively reduce the friction and noise between the hanger hook and the clothes pass rod

the drawer adopts a three section guide rail with buffer, which can be fully opened to facilitate taking clothes

storage area: the hanging area and folding area of the display wardrobe are designed in a ratio of about 5:5. At the same time, make full use of the space by using a wealth of storage accessories

shirts are one of the most difficult clothes to store and take care of, and they are easily folded at will, which will affect the appearance. The cloakroom has specially reserved storage space for shirts to solve this storage problem

the cloakroom is equipped with a large number of folding areas below, and the storage capacity of the cloakroom is increased by combining with storage accessories such as rattan basket

lattice frame and trousers frame are indispensable accessories for storage. The trousers frame is added with anti-skid design, so the trousers will not slip easily and will not leave creases

this cloakroom is designed with a unique storage and decoration space with a glass covered door, which is unique. Brown glass, fashionable handle and beige cabinet complement each other

fitting mirror fashion mirror with delicate beveled edges, light frame design at the back, easy to push and pull control

Ashley Waltz cloakroom is fresh and fashionable in appearance, neat and generous. Compact and practical in structure and zoning, with perfect and powerful storage functions, complete functions and strong practicality, it is a classic representative of cloakroom




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