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In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and food safety issues, the market of small household testing instruments represented by water quality, gas and food safety is becoming more and more mature, and the products show a diversified trend, basically meeting people's testing needs for indoor environmental protection and safety issues. At the same time, with the rapid development of the market for small household testing instruments that try to improve automobile technology as much as possible, consumers are no longer satisfied with household testing instruments with relatively single functions, and put forward higher and higher requirements for such products. In the future, the market of small household testing instruments will present three major development trends, which we will analyze one by one

first, it is multifunctional. At present, the small household testing instruments sold in the market are basically designed according to the specific purpose, and the function is relatively single. However, due to the limitations of home use sites, people's comprehensive requirements for gas, water quality, food safety and other testing, as well as the continuous increase of testing categories, it is difficult for ordinary families to continuously purchase a variety of household testing instruments, thus forming a small family laboratory. Therefore, the first major trend in the development of domestic small household testing instruments must be multi-functional testing instruments that can meet a variety of testing needs, which will enable ordinary families to basically meet a variety of daily testing needs by purchasing only one instrument. Although the price of this kind of instrument will be relatively expensive, it will be very popular among domestic market customers who are increasingly concerned about environmental protection and food safety because of its small area, multi-function and portability

the second is syndication. In the same region or in different regions, the combination of detection data of household small detection instruments will help the regional management departments to analyze and master the water quality, air and food safety in different periods and stages of the region, and do a good job in prevention in advance. Modern urban management is becoming more and more complex, and the situation faced is also diverse. As the basic element of the city, the timely feedback of the actual situation of the family will help urban managers more comprehensively and accurately understand the urban operation conditions with high-precision ball screws driven by imported electromechanical devices, and provide basic data support for the construction of smart cities. For the future development direction of smart cities, in addition to realizing intelligence in public areas such as government affairs, transportation and medical treatment, intelligent access to families is also essential. However, due to the privacy and privacy needs of the family, this part of the content can not be completed by the government management department alone, and the Equipment Association of household small detection instruments will help the government management department to solve this problem. Therefore, it is very likely to receive strong support from local governments in the process of promotion, which should be paid attention to by relevant instrument manufacturers

finally, intelligence. The so-called intelligentization here means that the small household detection equipment can not only meet the daily detection needs of the family, but also connect with the family medical and health management system to realize the real-time monitoring of the health status of the family, and can put forward reasonable suggestions in the daily air temperature, water temperature and food allocation according to the specific conditions of the family. This kind of product will input the family's health status, including age, constitution, medical history and other details into the management system. Through the daily test results, it will scientifically analyze which objective conditions are consistent with and conducive to the family's health, and which conditions or food do not meet the family's health needs. At the same time, according to the data provided by the medical and health system, the parameters can be freely set to analyze the changes in the physical health of the family at different stages, prompt and feed back relevant information in the actual test results, and cooperate with the family health management system to jointly maintain the daily health and safety of the family

environmental protection and food safety are not only inevitable periodic issues in the process of human economic and social development, but also important issues related to people's daily life and health. In today's increasingly prominent environmental protection issues, our testing instrument manufacturers and management departments should focus on high, strive to make the products not only meet people's daily testing needs, but also from the perspective of globalization, make the product performance and concept in line with international standards, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the industry. The tide of smart city construction is surging, and small household testing instruments are soaring. Large tensile space is also an advantage of horizontal tensile testing machine for testing anchor chain, seeking more development opportunities in this blue ocean

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