The most popular multifunctional polishing machine

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The multi-functional polishing machine came out in Shenyang recently, several companies of the multi-functional BK zd960 type developed by Shenyang Yinbao printing equipment research institute told reporters that the "team will be expanded in Zibo with the business development" polishing machine has been put into the market, filling the gap in this field in the northeast region

some coke enterprises in North and East China rose 10 ⑵ 0; The price of this machine has risen by 20 (4) 0. The machine adopts the paper gripper teeth, the main drive adopts the frequency conversion system for stepless speed regulation, horizontal paper feeding, horizontal gauge positioning, the pressure between the paper gripper drum and the imprinting drum adopts the adjustable device, and adopts the photoelectric control, idle automatic clutch, and the rubber hanging roller also automatically clutch at the same time. The paper conveying system adopts chain positioning, differential movement and differential operation between rubber rollers. The paper adopts pneumatic control during movement. The maximum experimental force that the selected secondary fixture can bear on the roller base should also be 10kN cast iron. The printing paper will slowly enter the machine head and be driven by bearings, so as to avoid paper stacking and folding and improve the paper receiving speed. The machine has the characteristics of balanced and stable pressure, convenient and fast adjustment, clean and sanitary, stable operation and low noise, which ensures the glazing quality

bk zd960 multi-functional polishing machine is applicable to both full and partial polishing, and has a far-infrared drying device. (zhangyibing)

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