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According to the daily mail of July 12, KLM, a Dutch Airline, has developed a robot called care, which looks bright blue and looks like a self driving car. The care-e robot makes full use of artificial intelligence technology to help passengers transport their luggage to the boarding gate, automatically scan boarding passes, and even stop halfway for free. This has brought good news to many passengers dragging their luggage at the airport

for most ordinary passengers, they will also feel anxious when dragging heavy carry on luggage and looking for boarding gates at the airport. KLM, the Dutch Airline, took the lead in realizing this problem and actively developed robots to relieve passengers' pressure. They hope that passengers can use the robots developed by KLM to check their luggage to the designated boarding gate, or even stop for free on the way at the request of passengers

klm successfully developed care-e, a self driving robot that looks like a blue car. The robot is made by making full use of artificial intelligence technology and imitating an ordinary baggage carrier. Care-e can recalibrate the resistance of the adhesive film through multiple sounds and multiply ⑥ (for the method of checking the resistance after the adhesive film is turned over and the oil return valve is unloaded, see "our official - Technical zone: revision method") for customer communication. It also has a device like a human face

with this robot, you can transport luggage weighing up to 85 pounds (about 38.6kg), and even help passengers automatically scan their boarding passes. After the luggage and articles are loaded, care-e will automatically go to the designated boarding gate for chemical materials. The robot travels slowly at a speed of about 3 miles per hour (about 4.8km/h), about the same as the walking speed of passengers, so passengers can follow the robot. Due to the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology, care-e can also process real-time data. If the boarding gate is changed to promote renewable energy, the robot can respond in time and re plan the route

at present, KLM Airlines is testing the robot and uploading videos about the operation of care-e. This year, New York Kennedy Airport and San Francisco International Airport will launch the technology for the first time. (internship compiler: Gao Juan reviewer: lizongze)

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