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With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life and food safety, more and more requirements and higher standards have been put forward for the functionality of food packaging. In this environment, countries all over the world are also very active in the development of new varieties of plastic films for food packaging to meet the personalized needs of the market to the greatest extent. France has introduced two new packaging films that can be processed from PVC materials through the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of its materials. It can be used to identify whether the packaged food uses genetically modified raw materials. Using this specially treated PVC film for packaging, we can identify whether the packaging contents, such as soybean oil, are processed from genetically modified soybean raw materials. Even for soybean food containing only 5%-10% of the trans base and more than us56 billion yuan of ingredients, we can also identify clearly. France also introduced a double-layer laminated film specially used for packaging meat to the market. Its outer layer is HDPE film with special structure and performance, and its inner layer is edible paper. Using this film to pack meat can solve the problem that the meat packed with ordinary materials will be soaked with blood and grease, which is not easy to separate from the meat and make the surface form a hard skin, and can maintain the original color, aroma and taste of the meat. Recently, a British company successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging. The packaging has passive and active barrier functions, which can effectively inhibit the infiltration of oxygen production. Even after the food bag is cooked, the function will not be weakened. The new plastic food packaging can not only prolong the storage period of the product, but also directly use the microwave oven for heating, which is especially suitable for the packaging of convenience food. This new package, called the sum of barriers, is composed of 6 layers of different materials. The first layer is PP, which is a polymer material with high oil resistance; The second layer and the fourth layer are adhesive, and the oxygen resistant polymer EVOH is between them; The fifth layer is a mixture of deoxidizers, which is called an active barrier, which can not only prevent the entry of foreign oxygen molecules, but also absorb the oxygen in the package; The last layer is PP material. In the new packaging, the deoxidizer can still remain active even in the presence of water, so the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high at present, and the shelf life of food can be extended

Switzerland has recently developed, produced and introduced to the market a special cover film for microwave oven products - simkahin. The film is not only resistant to high pressure, but also has good antifogging property. The cover film is specially used for heating various dishes in a microwave oven, which can be quickly and conveniently heated for eating. During the heating process, the pressure generated by water vapor can be safely released through the film. A Swiss plastic processing company has successfully developed a chemical self destructing plastic, which can gradually dissolve and no longer pollute the environment. This chemical self destructing plastic is sprayed with a specially formulated solvent, which can react with the plastic to gradually dissolve the plastic and become a harmless substance that can be washed away by water. After the composite plastic film produced by this new type of plastic is made into food and beverage packaging, once the packaging is torn, the inner layer coated with special reagent absorbs moisture in the air, and reacts with the polymer with reaction group, the film will be slowly decomposed like a perforation

20041. Take off the white doweling paper (or A4 white paper) for the friction body. In December, German scientists successfully developed anti-bacterial plastic food packaging by using medical professional technology. The packaging is applicable to the packaging of milk and other liquid beverages, and is an important change in the field of food packaging technology. Researchers from the German processing factory and Packaging Technology Association used coating technology to coat a layer of anti-corrosion and antibacterial materials on the plastic packaging film, replacing the preservatives added in food. This kind of coating can be realized by composite resin based materials and special technologies

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