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Shanghai: successful development of new multi-functional polyurethane sealant

Shanghai Institute of synthetic resin recently developed a new multi-functional polyurethane foam sealant that can replace hexanoic acid, and passed the inspection of the national fire equipment quality supervision and testing center

this product is a new generation of one component polyurethane foam sealant, which has excellent heat insulation, low water absorption, bonding elasticity and flame retardancy, and has uniform cell, large foaming in the early stage. The research team of this project will continue to improve the relevant process for a long period of storage. Because of its uniform cell and small shrinkage after solidification, it can be constructed in winter. The product is suitable for sealing and plugging, heat preservation and insulation, filling gaps and joints, fixing and bonding required by many building materials with heat preservation and fire prevention performance, especially for sealing, waterproof and sound insulation between plastic steel, steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls

this new type of foam sealant has been tested for many times. It has not only achieved the effects of sealing and plugging, sound insulation, flame retardancy and insulation, but also adopted butane and metafluoroethane as foaming agents, which has changed the previous process of using freon and played a positive role in protecting the atmospheric ozone layer

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