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Multimedia communication system serves the construction of intelligent power. The upsurge of building intelligent power is spreading all over the world. The construction of intelligent power has also become a major construction task for China's future power industry and is rising towards the national strategic level. A high degree of informatization, automation and interaction are the main characteristics of smart electricity, and informatization construction is the foundation and guarantee for the development of smart electricity

after decades of information construction, the domestic power communication business has developed from the original narrow-band business characterized by voice communication to the access of office automation (OA), management information system (MIS), call center, video conference and other integrated services

however, looking at the current situation in China, especially under the background of building strong and intelligent electricity, the form of power informatization construction is still not optimistic. As an important enterprise related to the national energy security and the lifeline of the national economy, a certain power company attaches great importance to the enterprise's information construction in order to ensure the construction of strong smart electricity. 2: if oil leakage is found, it will be deemed, and put forward relevant standards and high requirements. However, due to the lack of a unified information processing platform in the past information construction process, some business data can not be shared, and internal information resources are asymmetric, which limits the further improvement of enterprise management efficiency, and also brings difficulties to the development of strong intelligent electricity

in order to implement the unified deployment of the country and speed up the construction of strong intelligent power, the enterprise has put forward in-depth integration of information systems based on its own characteristics and the requirements of communication integration, system docking and improving resource utilization

customer demand analysis:

for the existing power function system, in order to realize the integrated control of the existing business and the associated application of each function system, and make each business link connected, the enterprise puts forward the following specific requirements:

1 Integration of various communication modes: realize the integration of existing program-controlled switching system, video conference system, e-mail system, SMS system and other communication resources and communication modes, and realize the unified management of all communication modes and business data

2. Docking of various management systems: complete the soft switch application of the transmission management system, the control data center management system and the office automation system, and provide a unified standard interface by the MCS multimedia communication system. The transmission and data center management can call to realize the function of sending system alarm information, and the office automation system can call to realize the function of sending relevant notices

3. Improve the utilization of network resources: improve the utilization of existing network and information resources, further improve the voice based communication applications, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each system

after careful analysis and investigation, the enterprise finally chose the MCS multimedia communication system provided by Jethro technology

mcs multimedia communication system is a new unified communication platform integrating voice, video and data. It can not only meet the application of various office automation systems in power enterprises, but also connect the links between various businesses, and complete the soft switch application of transmission management system, control data center management system and office automation system. The system provides a unified standard interface to call the transmission and data center management to realize the distribution function of system alarm information. The office automation system calls to realize the distribution function of relevant notices. At the same time, the development of the system is based on the modular structure, and can provide a multimedia solution integrating voice, video and data networks with the traditional PSTN

the topology diagram of the specific solution is as follows:

the system is simple to deploy and easy to operate. It only needs to deploy MCS, video server, fax server, ga90 voice switch and other equipment in the computer room. By combining fax server, video server, SMS server and mail server to form a server cluster, all server functions can be completed

1. Equipment installation and deployment

1) MCS is connected with the original large-scale traditional PBX of the enterprise. MCS mainly handles voice exchange, has the functions of IP-PBX and VoIP, and also has call center functions such as IVR (interactive voice response) and ACD (automatic call distribution), and provides services for seme

2) after simplified wiring, the ga90 voice switch is connected to the upper PBX through the E1 line to keep unblocked with the PSTN

3) connect video server and fax server to provide video conference and paperless fax services

4) the system supports multiple types of terminals. Office workers can not only log in to seme office software to work, but also can be equipped with desktop cn2x4 VoIP, install SP3 software on PC and use WiFi to make VoIP free calls

2. Implementation functions

according to the function division of MCS based multimedia communication system equipment, it can be divided into eight main functions: (1) voice function (2) short message function (3) video conference function (4) e-mail function (5 for example: Standard gb/t14730 ⑵ 000 of Anchorage) pipe alarm function (6) paperless fax function (7) voice mailbox function (8) Im function (instant message)

the specific eight functions are described as follows:

(1) voice function

the project voice service realizes the interworking function between the existing system service and the system module IP through the voice gateway of the MCS multimedia communication system, effectively reducing the enterprise operation cost

(2) short message function

in the whole system integration process, the MCS multimedia communication system communicates with the SMS server through the standard communication interface, and sends the upper business control information (alarms, advertisements, etc.) to the SMS media switch, which sends SMS to mobile

(3) video conference function

connect the dedicated video conference and IP network through MCU or protocol converter, so that the video conference soft terminal of IP network can be connected to the existing dedicated video conference system

(4) e-mail function

in addition to supporting the basic function of voice mail, e-mail can be connected with the existing system e-mail server, and support the one-way transmission from the soft switch to the system e-mail server

(5) tube alarm function

mcs multimedia communication system collects the off server information and sends alarm information to voice off, system short message server and e-mail server by connecting to the tube server, and then triggers alarm applications in various ways

(6) paperless fax function

mcs multimedia communication system enables the fax server to enter the IP network by connecting to the IP fax server. At the same time, it connects to the PSTN network to realize the paperless fax function. Realize the IP fax server and realize the paperless fax function from PC to PC and from PC to fax machine

(7) voice mailbox function

mcs multimedia communication system connects the IP network based on SIP protocol through the IP PBX of its own module. At the same time, it connects the PSTN network and saves the recording to the IP network hard disk. It can find, call and trigger the mail system

(8) Im function (instant message)

mcs multimedia communication system provides users with a complete set of client software (seme) by connecting its own platform to the IP network, including instant message client, software client, video communication client and short message client. At the same time, Im supports the call of OA system, provides convenient instant messaging, and improves communication efficiency

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