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Multimedia and modern packaging design

[Abstract] multimedia technology is at the forefront of the development of information technology, reflecting the characteristics of high technology. This paper discusses the influence and function of multimedia on modern packaging design from the perspective of multimedia digital technology in modern packaging design, customer communication and design evaluation, product packaging circulation and sales

key words: multimedia; Digital technology and packaging design in today's information society, digital technology marked by computer science has brought unprecedented prosperity to the design field. The development of information technology and information industry represented by multimedia has had a more and more obvious and important impact on human society. A historic change brought about by computer, multimedia and broadband interconnection is called the third industrial revolution. This revolution has completely changed the whole set of commodity production mode, commodity circulation mode and consumption concept formed by the first and second industrial revolutions, which has had a profound impact on modern industrial design and effectively promoted the development of all walks of life

1 multimedia art

the so-called multimedia means the integration of multiple information media. Multimedia technology is not a simple combination of various information media. It is an information technology that combines text, graphics, video, sound, video, animation and other forms of information, and can support a series of interactive operations through computer comprehensive processing and control. The development of multimedia technology has changed the use of computers. Computers have changed from special products in offices and laboratories to common tools in the information society. They have been widely used in industrial production management, school education, public information consulting, business reporting, military command and training, and even family life and entertainment

the development of multimedia products has developed traditional products, changed the singleness of traditional information, and can display a product very vividly and intuitively. Through multimedia demonstration, people can understand the product from various angles without special personnel to explain or just see simple pictures

the main features of multimedia art are as follows:

1) it has a strong virtuality. This kind of virtuality is manifested by constructing unreal illusion through multimedia art and making unreal assumptions and fictions about current problems

2) has good interactivity. Multimedia has an operating environment in which people and machines interact and communicate with each other. Information recipients can adjust the mode and process of information exchange according to their own needs. Good interactive function and interface are the important content of multimedia communication design and the important symbol of success

3) it has plant wide publicity. Multimedia art has been actively involved in mass culture and consumer culture by means of television, video, Internet and other means. It has stepped out of personal privacy and narrow sense, and has a strong influence on public culture

4) has strong timeliness and popularity. Multimedia art is often good at grasping fashionable topics and cultural hot issues, reporting and disseminating timely, effectively and quickly. Its artistic symbols are very easy to integrate with popular culture, thus becoming an art style with avantgarde and Avantgarde sense

2 the influence of multimedia on product packaging design

packaging design reflects the characteristics of the times. In turn, the development of the times also promotes the development of packaging design. The information technology represented by multimedia has changed people's way of life and designers' way of work. It has brought unprecedented development space to packaging design, which has presented many new features and advantages, such as expanding service objects, expanding design space, simplifying design process, shortening design cycle, reducing design cost, and making packaging design convenient and rapid

2.1 digital design means of product packaging

design power is competitiveness]. In terms of the production mode of products, digital technology is introduced into the design process of packaging design. The visual communication, morphological structure, overall effect and subsequent engineering design of packaging have the support of computer-aided design software. The production process of semi-finished products is complex and the processing technology of parts and components is difficult. The maintenance threshold in the use of products is high. The recycling technology of scrapped parts at the expiration of service period is complex, and it has brought new modeling language and expression, Computers enable designers to work more at a higher level, highlighting the designer's creative expression ability. At present, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, illustra · l0r and freehand are mainly used in the two-dimensional design of packaging. For the solid modeling of product packaging, rhino, 3D Studio MAX, Maya and pro industrial designer Idan moskona are happily trying to combine polyurethane materials, textile fabrics, wood and metal materials/E, UG and other software. The concept of packaging design goes beyond the scope of plane and seeks development in a more in-depth field of modern science and technology. Virtual reality technology with its timely three-dimensional space expression ability The man-machine interactive operating environment creates a realistic "Virtual design environment. In the computer virtual space, designers can integrate graphic design and modeling design, so that the three-dimensional solid model can more easily reflect the designer's design intention, and its visual effect can be as realistic as the real packaging samples. The products can be manufactured automatically with the help of computer aided design, thus greatly shortening the creativity, design and finished products Time

in the practice of packaging design, the design process is often designed by combining two-dimensional graphic design with three-dimensional modeling design. The general steps of 3D visualization generation of product packaging digital design are as follows: firstly, the sketch scheme is designed by using plane software, and the packaging structure is designed and modeled by using 3D software; Then, the mapping is made, the model material is given in the 3D software, and the mapping is assigned to the corresponding structural surface respectively, the output angle of the effect drawing is adjusted, and the output is rendered; Then design evaluation and modification of the scheme; Finally, the engineering design of the design draft is carried out to determine the structure size and process

2.2 communication with customers and design evaluation

communication between designers and customers is an extremely important link in the whole design process. As a new technology, network also creates a new relationship and new environment between people and the world, people and art, and gives designers and customers a great degree of freedom. Designers and customers can realize multi-level and multi field cooperation and exchange without being limited by time and space. Design works can undergo numerous repetitions and modifications, and are no longer bound by traditional creative methods. Customers are no longer limited by region, work weight and volume. The limitations of traditional design rooms have been broken, In the real sense "The zero clearing time of the wall free design is very short, and the counting room has been established. All links of the design process and the printing process are gradually integrated into the network system, that is, the entrustment, design, supervision, implementation and printing process are all affected by the computer network. Designers and customers are faced with more opportunities and choices, which largely eliminates the limitations of the traditional design means, and achieves the consistency of conception, design, drawing and printing, so as to realize the freedom of design, To maximize the aesthetic integration of subject and object. As an excellent design scheme, it must be obtained through design evaluation. In the process of packaging design, design evaluation is generally divided into two steps: the first step is that the designer selects the preliminary design scheme from a large number of design sketches, and then carries out in-depth design; In the second step, the designer, the enterprise decision-maker, the marketing department and the technology department jointly evaluate the selected design scheme from the aspects of aesthetics, economy, technology, agreeableness and environmental protection, and select the best design scheme. The application of network technology enables designers to gather design schemes together through the network, so that enterprise decision makers, marketing department and technology department can log in to the Internet through personal computer and express personal opinions and suggestions on the scheme. We should recognize that there is no doubt that certain hazards of such products have been modified in time, without having to organize them at the same time. In this way, the design cycle of packaging is shortened, the design evaluation becomes rapid and economical, and finally the design cost is reduced

2.3 circulation mode and sales of product packaging

in the circulation mode and sales mode of commodities, the popularity of the Internet has brought about profound changes. People can easily find the source of various commodities they need from the Internet. They can also have a direct dialogue with manufacturers to express their needs. In the past, in the circulation and sales of packaging, manufacturers needed to put them on the shelves of supermarkets or shopping malls for sales and promotion, which was time-consuming, laborious, one-sided and vague. In the digital age, manufacturers can publish design schemes on enterprise stations and some sales stations, so that consumers can easily browse packaging products for comparison and purchase whenever and wherever they are, as long as they enter these stations through the Internet. In this way, designers and enterprises can get the most direct sales feedback. In addition, with the development of network virtualreality technology, using Cult3D, pulse3d, Ser, 3dml and other software, the design and production of more commodities will be virtually completed on the computer. Consumers can observe the packaging of products from multiple angles and in all directions through the network, and can open the packaging of a product layer by layer to show their final products, and see the virtual reality of a product in all directions. It can be ordered if necessary, and then the manufacturer can start production immediately. Thus, the circulation and sales of packaging become fast, convenient, comprehensive and accurate

3 conclusion

multimedia technology is at the forefront of the development of information technology, which reflects the characteristics of high technology. The application of multimedia to product packaging design can stimulate designers' creative inspiration, speed up the design speed, greatly shorten the product development cycle, effectively improve the circulation and sales of high-tech products, and make enterprises invincible in the fierce market competition

Cheng Hui Xihua University

information source: Packaging Engineering, phase IV, 2005

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