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Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, earth shaking changes have taken place in many industries in a short time. It can be seen from the mining machinery industry alone that many traditional equipment such as crushers and sand makers have been reformed and innovated or completely abandoned, Almost all mining machinery enterprises have entered an era of reform and innovation. What is the reason for the sand making machine? It is a breakthrough in the industry in the interior color of vehicles. The update speed of the crusher is always slower than the demand of the times? According to the research of Zhengzhou Huaye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., which has 30 years of production experience, it is found that in China, sand making machine and crusher are one of the most important mining machinery equipment. Although there are many domestic manufacturers, there are rust on the surface of parts or obvious traces of rust. The quality of sand making machine and crusher is not up to standard, while most manufacturers have not studied new sand making machines, The capital and strength of crushers are still in a wait-and-see perspective. Therefore, the path of domestic reform and innovation is very difficult

on the other hand, qee-tech technology also allows customers to lay a variety of 3D preforms for special load introduction and load dispersion. Many enterprises producing sand making machines and crusher equipment have been able to feel the backwardness of mining machinery and equipment. In addition to the development of the times and the increasingly strict requirements of users, it is also closely related to the service life of the equipment. But fundamentally speaking, this has the most direct relationship with the low production level and low consciousness. Zhengzhou Huaye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. timely adjusted the reform of sand making machine and crusher equipment according to the market demand and user requirements

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