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Honda electric welding machine 260a gasoline electric welding machine price

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honda power generation welding machine 260a gasoline power generation welding machine cost power generation welding machine, including gasoline and diesel, each with its own advantages. The current has DC and exchange. It is an integrated equipment of generator and welding machine. A new welding machine equipment, with a 5 kW auxiliary power supply, can stop other lighting tasks while doing welding work. This machine adopts danizawa power generation and welding technology, which is a truly integrated power generation and welding machine with high performance Excellent, can achieve the desired cost performance, let you enjoy more economic benefits. The synchronous utilization load function is good, and the power supply can be stopped at the same time during electric welding. The electric welding operation does not affect the voltage and wave pattern of power generation, so as to improve the task efficiency and facilitate utilization. Advantages: integrated power generation and welding, light weight and convenient movement. It is widely used in outdoor welding and power generation construction, such as power supply, railway, municipal administration, oil pipeline, etc. With the use of excellent power technology and damping coil, the machine can achieve the perfect waveform of welding voltage. And no floating welding current means high-quality welding operation. Easy to operate, simple and concise design improves the on-site operability of the machine, and saves a large amount of storage space

some customers want to use power generation and welding all the way with a certain motor. For electric equipment, they must first consult the technical staff of daniozawa manufacturer

produced on two-way elastic cloth and printed with fairy ball pattern wind-driven:

this machine is an electric start portable argon arc welding power generation and welding machine

honda power generation welding machine 260a gasoline power generation welding machine product function:

1, normal welding (506507) 2 0 welding rod, short-term welding 5.0 welding rod (various specifications of welding rod)

2. Additional input of power generation: 5kW, backup input power: 6kW

starting style:

1, manual starting

2, electric starting

starting style:

note: This machine is a typical mixed ownership enterprise. It is debugged and installed before leaving the factory, and the whole set of equipment

1, add fuel

2, key start

3, stable operation

4 By comparing the electrode model and scheduling the current, you can

Honda electric welding machine 260a gasoline electric welding machine price

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: danianze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

[contact German law style]:

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[email]: [email protected]


[company]address] : No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

[business style]: purchase and sales treaty Alipay business

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, cheque, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery in the world

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty is one year's lifelong protection. The export technology of Lianbao is stable. The use method of gasoline power generation electric welding machine: after the purchase of machinery, first intervene in the appropriate amount of gasoline and engine oil. The gasoline can be bought at ordinary gas stations with 90 # or 93 # gasoline. The engine oil can be used by shallow cars, and the fuel is very easy to buy; Then turn on the switch directly (the starting method of the generator is electric starting, which is the same as that of the car. It will be turned on when the key is turned), and then you can pull out the equipment you need, and the power interface on the outline of the motor can be used! It is suggested to read the utilization statement before using it. The detailed explanation of the utilization method and the protection of machinery in the statement are more detailed, but also for the safe use! After sales: how can I get the goods after buying danieze power generation welding machine

customer service Zhang Fanfan replied: "danianze" brand welding machines are all cooperated by oubao and danianze. They are mainly logistics consignment. Collaborative logistics is the world's largest Liuhe Huayu logistics, Debang logistics, etc. If these logistics are not available, we will take other special logistics lines, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

Honda electric welding machine 260a gasoline electric welding machine price

Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant national departments. It is mainly engaged in gasoline generator, diesel generator, digital frequency conversion generator, large power diesel generator, power generation and welding machine, argon arc welding machine and household generator, emergency generator, fire generator, marine generator, military generator, super large diesel generator. It is a comprehensive enterprise company integrating R & D, manufacturing, operation and management

operation philosophy: gather people with people, gather wealth with wisdom, and create a thousand times together. If you find a reversal, you should immediately shut down qiuda Nianye

sales philosophy: everything is for love

business philosophy: customer demand is our first demand

market demand for participating catheters has increased significantly

employment philosophy: excellent talents are assets, Ordinary talents are liabilities

talent concept: repeated perfection of a huge style is a unique skill

salary concept: if there is function, there is reward, and if there is no function, there is enthusiasm

promotion concept: create and find functions, cultivate talents, and be promoted

management concept: system first, lead second

friendship leadership, ruthless management, unfeeling system

: serve yourself, your family, the enterprise Serve the society

source: danizawa power

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