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XCMG's "road home" spring breeze blew into Bashu Dadi and signed more than 6million contracts on site

XCMG's "road home" spring breeze blew into Bashu Dadi and signed more than 6million contracts on site

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in the afternoon of March 19, XCMG's "road home" platform promotion and new product launch (Chengdu Station) kicked off at Sichuan Investment International Hotel, and nearly 100 customers from Bashu Dadi gathered together, We have witnessed the latest products developed by XCMG in response to market demand and the powerful functions of the "road home" platform. Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG road machinery division, visited the site and gave a vivid and detailed introduction to XCMG's "road home" platform. "Road home" is an "Internet +" information platform independently designed and developed by XCMG Road, focusing on customer-centric and "full-service" services, covering machine selection, spare parts trading, equipment leasing, second-hand trading, process consulting, machine center, industry information and other functional modules. It is the first professional information platform with full value chain integration capability in the road machinery industry, It is also the first branded one-stop solution portal for road machinery in China

XCMG's "road home" platform promotion and new product launch (Chengdu Station)

a simple "road home" app can realize the online display and offline transaction of XCMG's complete road machinery products because of the need for fatigue resistant structural components in these fields; Place orders and pay bills directly online for accessories; Provide second-line non corrosive media; Online publishing platform and offline evaluation support; Provide consultation on construction technology, lease information and accommodation of machine information. It is worth mentioning that second-hand information, rental information, robot information and other services are all platform resources that "road home" provides free and open to XCMG road machinery customers. It is reported that XCMG will continue to improve and upgrade the functions of "road home" in the later stage, which will continue to create more value for customers in the field of road machinery construction and maintenance in the country. After the promotion, the on-site customers have a strong interest in "road home", and have taken out the code scanning download client to register

XCMG equipment has attracted many customers

in view of the requirements of upgrading national emission standards, at present, XCMG's non road mobile road machinery products have all completed the axial afterburner from country 2 to country 3, and have adopted the weight afterburner upgrade switch. On the day of the promotion meeting, XCMG also displayed the xs263j single steel wheel roller, rp452l small paver, xp263 tire roller and other product prototypes equipped with engines that meet the national three emission standards outside the venue, which attracted the attention of many customers. These products are all powerful models that meet the market demand of (4) road construction and maintenance when the viscosity of oil is too low. Many customers enter the cab for test drive to experience these equipment representing the highest level of the industry by hand. Finally, the promotion meeting of Chengdu Railway Station was a complete success, with 20 sets of road construction and maintenance equipment booked on site, and the transaction amount exceeded 6million yuan

after taking the lead in launching the first "full-service" service brand in the construction and maintenance machinery industry in 2014, XCMG solemnly launched the "2+1" service project of two-year warranty and lifetime warranty for the whole construction and maintenance machinery products to the industry and customers in 2015, setting a new benchmark for industry service. Now, as the industry leader, XCMG road machinery has creatively created a "road home" one-stop solution portal with an international and world-class vision, a long-term profound technical accumulation and a keen sense of informatization in the road industry, and has interpreted the service concept of creating more value for customers with practical actions. It is reported that XCMG's "road house" platform promotion and new product launch are being held simultaneously in many cities across the country. I believe that where the promotion Club goes, it will benefit more customers of road construction and maintenance machinery

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