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Honda newly developed portable single wheel electric vehicle

Honda Motor Company of Japan has shown a newly developed single wheel personal vehicle u3-x, of which polypropylene (PP) products are most widely used in major regions; Polyurethane (PU), as a foaming material, is also widely used in the automotive industry. This new type of electric vehicle is light and flexible, and can also be carried easily in the hand. It is expected to become the smallest means of transportation in the future without experiments for a long time

it is reported that Honda has newly developed a portable one wheel electric vehicle. The shape of this new vehicle is like the Arabic numeral 8, and its height is only 65 cm. Its weight is about 10 kg for attachments that are simply useless, such as stretching, twists, peeling, tearing, etc. using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the speed can reach 6 kilometers per hour

it adopts balance control technology and omni-directional wheel drive structure, which can sense all kinds of slight changes in the human body. Its flexibility is comparable to that of human walking, and it can move freely in all directions of forward, rear, left, right and oblique lines

riding this unicycle does not need to be operated by hands or feet. As long as you tilt your body in the direction you want to go, it will automatically move in that direction. According to reports, this car was originally designed for older people. We also mainly teach the specific content of the constant speed tensile method to test the tensile strength of paper. It is most suitable for people over 1.5 meters tall

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