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The homogenization phenomenon is getting worse, and the three functional coatings rewrite the history.

the homogenization phenomenon is also getting worse. How to realize product differentiation and meet the consumption concept and demand of consumers will be the problem that the coating industry will face. The product positioning is direct and clear. Although the demand side of coating products positioned for a certain market segment seems to have become smaller, it actually guides consumers to buy directly from the function, and also virtually promotes the sales of products

first: low carbon water-based coatings

people now advocate 'low-carbon life'. With the improvement of consumers' awareness of their own health and environmental protection, 'low-carbon' life has become the general trend and the necessity of future development, and water-based coatings are undoubtedly the coating products closest to low-carbon environmental protection. The superiority of environmental protection performance of water-based coatings is a major development direction and trend of the coating industry in the future. First of all, it wins with environmental protection and can seize the hearts of the people

in terms of the current situation, China's water-based coatings cannot be equated with 'low carbon', and there is still a certain gap between water-based coatings. It is understood that due to its environmental protection, water-based coatings have a market share of more than 60% in Japan, Europe and the United States, while this proportion is significantly lower in China. Insiders said that in the next five years, the market share of water-based coatings in China may reach 20% or higher

II: powder coating or a 'dark horse' in the field of industrial coating

powder coating is a new solvent-free 100% solid powder coating, which is solvent-free and pollution-free, so it can be recycled as a whole, environmental protection, energy and resources saving, labor intensity reduction and high mechanical strength of coating film. According to the root, film-forming materials can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting types, and the appearance of film-forming materials can be divided into extinction type, highlight type, art type and so on

it is understood that before the financial crisis, China's powder coatings maintained a high-speed growth of 20%. After the financial crisis in the second half of 2008, affected by factors such as the slowdown of industrial growth and the decline of exports, China's demand for powder coatings began to decline. It was really in the second half of 2009 that the powder coating industry was able to recover its growth under the influence of the national proactive market rescue policy. According to the data, the output of powder coatings in 2009 was 800000 tons, accounting for 11% of the total output

III: art coating: respected by the new generation

with the continuous improvement of people's material culture and living culture level, ideological consciousness has also increased to a new level. The new generation of post-80s' who constantly pursue personalization and fashion 'rises'. The wallpaper industry has regrouped under the banner of variety, fashion and personality' it can stop stretching, tightening, twists and turns and other functional experiments on all kinds of data and rush into the building materials market again, Wallpaper products are endowed with more functions such as fire prevention, environmental protection, ventilation and comfort. The emergence of these features not only increases the market share, but also forms a beach grab offensive for the paint market

these paint products, which are dominated by market segments, can be distributed to every demand field, such as aging paint, baby paint, etc. It is believed that in the future market, which is gradually growing up in the new generation, this kind of coating may become a hot spot and highlight of consumer demand, and it is also a major trend of China's coating market in the future

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