The hottest honey crackdown is imminent

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Honey counterfeiting is imminent

the honey Professional Committee of China Bee Products Association recently revealed that honey counterfeiting has developed rapidly and has a strong momentum. In some small food factories in Guangxi, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and Tianjin, honey counterfeiting has become a scale, forming a situation of professional production and national distribution. The situation of honey market is grim, and cracking down on counterfeiting is imminent

it is reported that fake honey can be seen everywhere in Changsha Gaoqiao food market, Beijing Xiaojing food wholesale market and food wholesale markets everywhere. These products are beautifully packaged and cheap, and some of them are even placed in large supermarkets and markets. Two bottles of so-called "honey" are packed in a large gift box with more than ten yuan, which are casually labeled with "Sophora japonica", "jujube", "osmanthus", "middle-aged and elderly" and "children's nutritional honey". In fact, they are all fake honey. The producers of these fake honey are not members of the China Bee Products Association. At the Xi'an National Sugar and Wine Fair held this month, only twoorthree of a dozen honey manufacturers sold real honey. Some manufacturers sell 450 grams of honey at a factory price of only 2 yuan. Imagine how much the honey inside is worth in addition to bottles, caps, trademarks and labor costs. According to the detection and analysis, most of the fake honey is based on the preliminary calculation. The particles produced by sugar are boiled with extensive water and slightly added with sulfuric acid. There is also preserved fruit syrup made of grain fermentation. It looks clear and transparent, with high viscosity, and is very similar to honey, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish. Even, newspapers and periodicals in Henan and other places have vigorously promoted "artificial honey" as a technology transfer, and the situation is very serious

relevant people of the association believe that due to the low cost and high profit of fake honey, the manufacturers who produce 269 steel fireproof roller shutter fake honey can give them whatever fees they want, such as entrance fees, stacking fees, bar code fees, discount fees, store celebration fees, and what money they want. The manufacturers of real honey are overwhelmed by the charges of some large shopping malls and supermarkets because of the high cost, small price difference and thin profit of real honey

in addition, some counterfeit brand-name products have either similar logos to brand-name products, or similar packaging bottles, or steal other people's names, which makes consumers unable to distinguish, causing the "Li Gui" of brand-name products to be entangled and their interests to be damaged. These behaviors have seriously disrupted the market, damaged the reputation of the industry, and greatly infringed on the interests of consumers

people from the honey Professional Committee of the Bee Products Association pointed out that there are many reasons why fake honey is popular. In addition to some enterprises and individuals' lust for profit, making and selling fake goods, some law enforcement departments do not pay enough attention to it and do not crack down on it effectively is also an important factor. In order to protect local enterprises, some places know that they are making and selling fake goods, but they try their best to protect them and find out various reasons to set obstacles for cracking down on fake goods. Therefore, in order to avoid turning the crackdown on counterfeits into "fake crackdown", it is suggested that local technical supervision departments and industrial and commercial administration departments strengthen supervision and inspection, investigate and deal with immediately after receiving reports, and take measures to avoid local protection as far as possible. Local bee product industry associations should attach importance to the interests of consumers and the interests of the whole industry, actively cooperate with relevant departments to understand the situation, grasp the dynamics, report and reflect the behavior of honey counterfeiting and disturbing the market, and make contributions to purifying the honey market

at the same time, the popularity of the honey professional committee will also be further expanded. Shi also reminded that businesses should choose products from manufacturers with brands, credibility and guaranteed quality when operating honey. Consumers should go to shopping malls and supermarkets to buy branded honey, and do not buy products without packaging, brands or trademarks from street vendors, free markets, roadside vendors or fake bee farmers

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