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Honeywell assurance 360 all-round assurance service project escorts global factories

long term strategic partnership creates a new mode of maintenance and support for control systems that can be consulted by manufacturers, Helping manufacturers focus on core business operations

assurance 360 comprehensive assurance services can reduce the overall general-purpose group's ownership cost of new technology testing by as much as 20%. Corvette series is often used as an experimental body.

since its launch in 2014, the project contract amount has exceeded $350million

Houston, Texas, USA, October 19, 2016 - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) process control department announced today that its innovative assurance 360 comprehensive assurance service project is helping industrial manufacturing plants around the world maximize uptime and reduce operating costs at the same time. This layered service assurance program was launched in 2014

with 360 degree comprehensive guarantee service, the accidents of the factory can be reduced by up to 40%, and the normal operation time and productivity can be improved. In addition, the project can also help the factory reduce production waste by nearly 30%, thereby reducing operating costs and improving output. These improvements not only improve the efficiency of maintenance personnel, but also help the factory reduce the total cost of ownership by nearly 20% by using a constant speed tensile testing machine

Steve Linton, global director of project and contract of Honeywell process control department, said: with assurance 360 comprehensive assurance service, manufacturers no longer need to worry about the maintenance, support and upgrading of control system. As a reliable partner, Honeywell will be responsible for the output. This service has changed the management of factory assets and helped users focus on system performance and operation

as an integral part of the industrial IOT technology of Honeywell process control department, assurance 360 degree all-round assurance service project is different from the traditional maintenance and support service mode based on the number of materials or labor. It achieves the agreed output and realizes the long-term goals of operators by providing maintenance, support and optimization required by hardware refresh, software update and upgrade, remote support, etc. With costs under control, manufacturers can use automated systems from a more strategic perspective to improve performance

through its network of international performance experts, Honeywell can provide on-site maintenance and support to customers of assurance 360 all-round assurance services around the world. Now, the multi-year service cooperation project provided by Honeywell can support the control system of large-scale production bases in many industries around the world, including smelting, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and mining

each assurance 360 all-round assurance service project has customized design for specific business operation needs, and provides two levels of support to meet different user needs:

assurance 360 optima provides special resources, which can carry out preventive and corrective maintenance, replace faulty parts, update systems, and provide network security tools and servers, Charge fees based on the results achieved and achieve the established outputs

assurance 360 performa can monitor all aspects of system management and help users achieve or exceed performance indicators through visualization, planning and targeted support. Honeywell performance experts can help and guide field personnel to complete preventive and corrective maintenance tasks and upgrade software and hardware

Linton added: with the increasing competitive pressure and the continuous tightening of revenue, more and more customers have very decadent prospects. They can benefit from the predictable cost structure and determined output provided by assurance 360's comprehensive assurance service. The continuous increase of these services has fundamentally changed the way the industry manages the service and support of control systems

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