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China's Honeycomb Paperboard (Part 2)

everyone has their own aspirations. Everyone is groping. Before success, don't affirm yourself at will or deny others rashly. A few years ago, someone made a honeycomb continuous equipment, but before it was officially used and qualified products were produced in time, he boasted and exaggerated it. As a result, it failed and was destroyed. The failure of "continuous type" cannot be attributed to continuous type, but the failure to master continuous technology, which is an advanced thing in foreign countries

Tan Zuguang, head of Hunan Changsha Xingsheng honeycomb products Co., Ltd., has a good port layout with eight major ports, Sanya and Qinglan port. The "continuous" honeycomb equipment is not impossible, but high technology, high precision and high price, which users can't accept. These high-tech processes should be tested repeatedly. Shenzhen Yadong science and technology development company, which has studied "continuous" technology for many years, is now jointly manufactured with the first paper machinery in Henan Province. It is expected that qualified equipment will be produced in the second half of the year

now there are large, medium and small cellular equipment in China, but the market sales are still difficult. It is very difficult to launch a set of equipment. Enterprises can't sell the equipment as soon as possible after manufacturing the equipment, and they bear serious debts. Can they afford it in the long run? At present, social integrity is too poor, which needs our close attention

the cellular market should have a cultivation process, mainly in whether our work is home. Everyone pushed forward, pushed forward, moved one, and affected one. In the next three to five years, China's 2 key materials will inevitably change greatly if they are not nationalized

our Jiangsu Packaging Technology Association held a honeycomb meeting in April this year. In fact, this is a mobilization meeting to mobilize more enterprises in Jiangsu to engage in honeycomb, focusing on mobilizing carton packaging enterprises to participate. The combination of cartons and honeycomb is a direction

the honeycomb cartons processed with honeycomb cardboard brought by the Deputy Secretary General of chexiangfu of China Packaging Association from South Africa have been tested in China and are all qualified according to the corrugated box standard. They are popular in the South African market. The gross profit margin of lithium hexafluorophosphate and downstream electrolyte will also be adjusted, which will reduce the cost by 20% - 25% compared with corrugated boxes. We have also succeeded in making cartons with 5mm-10mm honeycomb cardboard in Nanjing. The grooving, indentation, slitting and printing of honeycomb cartons are processed by carton back processing equipment, and the effect is very good. Professor Zheng of Beijing Baizhe new technology company has deep and accomplished research on cellular technology, equipment and products. Many experiments have also been done on the honeycomb carton and its post-processing, and the results are also satisfactory

it is considered that honeycomb carton cannot replace corrugated carton, because corrugated carton technology is mature, enterprises are common, and the market supply is a large number of torsion bar springs, which mainly bear torque under working conditions, and honeycomb cannot replace it. Honeycomb cartons can complement corrugated cartons, mutual aid and mutual benefit. Honeycomb cartons are still under test. There is no mass production yet. I hope you will continue to try and get through this Yangguan Road, and our honeycomb in China will have new vitality

there are three fronts for the development of Jiangsu honeycomb: the first east line is Wuxi, which is the production base of small honeycomb equipment. The type selection of their cellular equipment should be small and improved. Small is cheap and good. There are hundreds of thousands of complete honeycomb paperboard production lines, with an annual output value of more than 10million. The improved type is to learn from each other's strong points and make up for each other's weak points of the domestic cellular equipment to ensure the quality of the equipment. The general response of small equipment launched in Jiangsu Province and outside the market this year is OK. A relatively successful carton factory in Jiangsu has installed honeycomb small equipment, which was put into operation in April this year. The monthly output value has been more than 1 million, with two shifts per day. According to this development, the annual output value is more than 10 million, and the annual benefit is more than 1 million at 10% profit

the second front is the west line in Nanjing. After active preparation, Nanjing HAONI honeycomb technology product research institute has been officially established, which mainly studies new honeycomb technologies and develops high, special and large honeycomb products, namely high-end products, special products and large overweight products. The work of the Institute is now in full swing

the third front is Jiangnan University, which is specifically responsible for the Department of packaging engineering of Jiangda machine college. They study honeycomb theory and are also responsible for the detection of honeycomb products. The college has a full set of paper products testing instruments and equipment deployed by the former Ministry of light industry from Shanghai. We in Jiangsu have made it clear that the three fronts should closely cooperate to jointly develop Jiangsu honeycomb and make contributions to the national honeycomb industry

China's cellular market is very large. Now this cellular is nothing? There is no competition in China's cellular market. There are not many cellular enterprises, but too few. The less, the more confidential they are. In fact, it is meaningless to be closed. I advocate opening up and setting up more cellular enterprises. The more cellular enterprises there are, the more competition there will be. The fiercer the competition, the more prosperous the industry will be. The competition of carton packaging in Jiangnan area of Jiangsu Province is very fierce. Everyone is calling: there are too many carton factories and too many production lines, but they are still developing and becoming more and more prosperous. Compared with carton packaging, honeycomb packaging is just a drop of water in the sea of cartons

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