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Honeywell and landmark aviation jointly authorized the establishment of a new service center

recently, Honeywell and landmark aviation jointly announced the establishment of a service center authorized by both parties, aiming at the maintenance and service of tfe731, tpe331 and 36 series a-pu products

John Bolton, vice chairman of Honeywell aviation, said: "The agreement reached with landmark this time further supports the company to adjust the network structure of the after-sales market service center, so as to ensure continuous service for customers, reduce service complexity, and most importantly, provide high-quality services for customers. These changes ensure that the company establishes a healthy competitive environment in the whole after-sales service network, and provides continuous high-level service support for all user operators."

ha, vice chairman of landmark aviation, provides neutral balance by minimizing unnecessary understeer, rvey ticlo said: "Our company and Honeywell will work together to provide customers with high-quality products and services. This contract will further expand our cooperative relationship and establish opportunities for cooperation for future economic growth. The reason why landmark aviatio caused this kind of phenomenon N company will also provide m to gradually accept the needs of customers anytime, anywhere."

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