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Household stores rationally face the "double eleven" differentiated operation and seek development

household stores rationally face the "double eleven" differentiated operation and seek development

November 4, 2014. Reading amount of sample sheet 1: Source: Modern Express | contribution

[China paint information] in the tmall promotion drama of the "double eleven" last year, Lin's wood industry and Quanyou furniture enterprises set a new high in furniture sales, Among them, Lin's wood industry has a sales volume of 160million, such as distillation tower packing, valves, oil well equipment, etc; Lianshuang 11 furniture sales champion. On the eve of the event last year, 19 home furnishing stores boycotted the "double 11", precisely in response to the trend that brands want to use offline stores as offline experience stores of tmall's "double 11". With the "double 11" coming in 2014, does the home shopping mall smell like last year

total profits online and offline

among the flagship stores in the same industry, tmall flagship store of Qumei furniture was established earlier and now has a certain scale. It also achieved good results during the "double National Day" last year. The appearance of electroplated parts of Qumei furniture south 8 should be free of spots. Zhang Jun, the person in charge of Beijing store, said: "Qumei furniture tmall flagship store is directly managed by the group. Online and offline integration is quite close, and the product composition is constantly changing. Last year's' double 11 ', our tmall flagship store only sold panel furniture, and expensive solid wood products are sold in offline stores. But now, solid wood furniture is also sold on tmall, which is convenient for everyone to choose. Similarly, online resources, offline stores can also enjoy, today During the "double 11" festival, our store activities followed tmall's activities. The group specially created a special package for tmall flagship store, which can also be purchased in stores. This is to capture the online and offline consumers, so that they can enjoy concessions. "

Zhang Jun also said that in the current situation, the sales volume of tmall is far less than that of stores. "Furniture consumption is actually experiential consumption, and most consumers want to see it with their own eyes, touch it with their own hands, and try it in person."

there are also many businesses that do not regard sales as the only purpose of going to the flagship store. Zhou Gang, head of europay kitchen in Nanjing, said: "Cabinets belong to customized service products. Although tmall has its flagship store, the service still needs to be done in the store. After consumers place an order in tmall, the customer service staff of the company will place the order in the corresponding store according to the city area, and arrange staff to measure the door-to-door, including the selection of accessories, materials, etc., which need to be done in the store. We still recommend that you place an order in the store, for things with the same price, stores It will be more intuitive, the samples will be more complete, and professional staff will give guidance. " Zhou Gang said that for them, tmall flagship store is more like an ordering platform and product display platform. "Many building materials merchants are doing flagship stores and 'double 11'. Moreover, tmall has given unprecedented publicity to 'double 11', so they have to do it, but the effect is really not much."

rational face

differentiated operation for development

on October 27, 2013, a screenshot of the president of a well-known store was posted on the website, "it is strictly prohibited for any merchant to spread or promote the 'double eleven' activities of other e-commerce online in any form in the store; it is strictly prohibited for merchants to use tmall POS machines to sell online; it is strictly prohibited for merchants to deliver and install orders for factories on other e-commerce online." From October 30 to 31 last year, the merchants of incredibly home also received a formal notice. The store is the key to choose the universal experimental machine, which formally conveyed the determination and method of punishment. The main content is: "it is not allowed to cooperate with e-commerce that has nothing to do with incredibly home, display its logo, and carry out offline experience activities on the site. It is not allowed to use the mobile POS machine of e-commerce. Once it is found, it will not only be confiscated, but also be fined 10 times the transaction amount; if it is found twice, it will be directly cleared."

interviewed the planning director of a well-known supermarket in Nanjing. The person in charge said that this year, the group did not have any instructions to boycott tmall's "double 11" activities, and everything was done in accordance with normal business activities, "Last year, we did take some measures. But in this year, we also made a comprehensive analysis of online and offline consumption habits and consumer groups. The data shows that the part of consumers who buy furniture on the Internet is not actually the customer group of our store. Moreover, the goods sold in the store are very different from those sold on the Internet, such as left and right sofas. What we sell in our store is the brand The high-end series sold on tmall are just ordinary series. Consumers who have strong economic ability or pay more attention to the quality of life, whether it is' double 11 'or' double 12 ', will not try to buy cheaply, but will choose in stores. "

the person in charge also said that their stores will also have activities during the "double 11" this year. "No boycott does not mean no competition. On the eve of the" double 11 ", we also have our own activities, which are tailored according to the characteristics, advantages and product forms of shopping malls. We have our own activity objectives, sales objectives and publicity channels, and will never do activities for the purpose of doing activities."

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