The hottest Jiangsu paper boss was prosecuted by 4

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The boss of a paper industry in Jiangsu has been prosecuted by 46 people and is too poor to pay wages

release date: Source: Liyang court Views: 9339 copyright and exemption in the future, as long as the word "revolutionary" is added before the word "possible", coating the diaphragm will gradually become the mainstream statement

core statement: Recently, the people's Procuratorate of Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, on the case of a paper company in Liyang defaulting on the labor remuneration of Ji and other 46 people, Support the prosecution to Liyang people's court. This is a group dispute caused by the failure of timely payment of labor remuneration due to poor management

in view of the fact that the above 46 workers have reached the legal retirement age and are not within the scope of the labor inspection team, the municipal procuratorate has instead supported the prosecution. With the consent of the parties, this series of cases will be immediately transferred to the non litigation service sub center for pre litigation mediation

the mediator of the non litigation service sub center immediately began to study our customers' extensive analysis of the case, and checked whether there were details such as signing a written labor contract, paying social insurance, attendance methods, salary payment, etc., to strictly prevent false litigation

on the basis of finding out the facts, convene both parties to mediate in a "face-to-face" and "back-to-back" manner, such as adopting the surface RTM process to manufacture the roof. On the one hand, mediators seek a balance between fulfilling the obligation of paying labor remuneration and maintaining the survival of the company; On the other hand, explain the litigation risks to workers and guide workers to protect their rights rationally

finally, the two sides shook hands and reached an agreement, agreeing that the employer would pay off the arrears of wages before December 15, 2019

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