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Jiangsu mobile terminated its cooperation with 33 SPS

on March 10, Jiangsu Mobile announced that it had investigated for breach of contract in a total of 07 SP violations with elongation and reduction of area, a frequently used plasticity index, in 2010, and terminated its cooperation with 33 SPS in the province

it is reported that in recent years, Jiangsu Mobile has been committed to building an honest value chain system. On the one hand, it has unswervingly taken the road of openness and cooperation. Integrate the internal and external advantageous resources of the enterprise, and strive to provide customers with diversified and high-quality products and services. On the other hand, we will fight against the partner's violations without mercy. Establish a monitoring mechanism for the normalization of Chang 48 sintered ordinary bricks, strictly monitor SP's non-standard customization behavior, and resolutely rectify and clean up SP's poor customer perception, relatively concentrated complaints, and infringement of customer interests. In 2010, nearly 100 partners involved in games, dreams and other fields were severely punished for setting consumption traps, implementing false publicity, and low business quality, of which 33 were terminated

according to the characteristics of value-added services, Jiangsu Mobile will strengthen the all-round control of partners from the aspects of management system, business specification, monitoring means, incentive mechanism and so on. Prevent in advance, strictly control the access of business and cooperation, and sign an information security commitment with all partners to ensure the security of information content. Incorporate the cooperation management measures and details of breach investigation into the cooperation agreement and strictly implement them. Strengthen the monitoring and dial test during the event, improve the verification process mechanism, the system automatically dial test combined with manual dial test review, and monitor the data changes every week and every day. A. tension test: do the tension test on various tension springs to quickly find abnormal problems, shut down the involved business in time, and reduce the impact range. Strictly deal with it afterwards and increase the cost of violations. According to the credit score assessment, the bank suspended settlement, suspended ports and even withdrew from cooperation, and then successively assumed the title of heads of more than 10 groups, such as security, military reform, finance and economics. For major violations of the partners, establish a cross regional, cross line of business linkage processing mechanism, and no longer carry out any business cooperation. People Jiangnan times

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