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Jiangsu Jinhe starch based plastics and natural straw plastics obtained invention patents

Jiangsu Jinhe High Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2011. The company has 78 Employees, including 38 people with college degree or above. It has gathered many domestic senior experts and scientific and technological talents in the fields of polymer materials, bioengineering, organic synthesis, mechanical design and manufacturing, and is committed to the research and industrialization promotion of bio based materials, We have developed bio based plastics whose physical indexes are close to or up to ordinary plastics, mainly natural straw plastics, corn starch based plastics and bio based degradable plastics and products

both the "starch based plastic" project and the "natural straw plastic" project passed the appraisal of Jiangsu provincial experts two years ago. "Starch based plastic" uses the blending technology of starch and polymer and interface treatment technology to solve the compatibility between starch and polymer and improve the cost performance of materials. Its product formula and rubber material are relatively strong when applying force, and the process technology is original; "Natural straw plastic" is a key composite technology of straw and plastic, which is formed by using the blending technology of natural straw and polymer, through special grinding and interface treatment technology. The actual measurement is 100mm. The two products have been tested by the international authoritative testing organization SGS general standard technical service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the testing center of Shanghai Plastic Research Institute. The sanitary indicators, mechanical properties and other indicators of the products are better than the relevant requirements of the enterprise standards, and the process technology of the products has reached the international advanced level. In addition, the product has passed the biochar content certification of DIN certco recently. The biochar content of starch based plastics is assessed as 50% - 80%, and the highly concentrated plastic cup from the source of natural straw imports is assessed as 20% - 50%. At the same time, both products have passed the FDA test conducted by SGS, and the test results are all up to standard

the company now has two invention patents: a light plastic wood mixed aggregate containing straw and its production method zl 5 and a degradable plastic zl 6。 In addition, applications for three invention patents have been accepted, including a straw plastic and its production method (application No.7), a degradable plastic and its production method (application No.1) and a straw plastic and its production method for producing geotechnical products (application No.9) "A degradable plastic and its manufacturer's method of counting once per swing" has been included in the PCT international patent database and has been applied for a U.S. patent

the company jointly established and applied for the "Yangzhou natural straw plastic engineering technology research center" with Tongji University in July 2012, and has a united, dedicated, pragmatic and social management team with the business philosophy of "customer first, attentive service; market-oriented, customer-focused, technology-centered; sincere cooperation and win-win development". The "natural straw plastics" project has received the support of the A1 special guidance fund for circular economy of Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the environmental protection guidance fund of Jiangsu provincial environmental protection department. Its natural straw plastics, starch based plastics and bio based plastics are recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, which has significant social and economic benefits

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