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Jiangsu Jinjia new factory was officially put into operation, with colorful flags waving, flower baskets lined up, arches welcoming guests, and artillery salutes roaring. On the morning of June 16, 2008, Jiangsu Jinjia new packaging materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Jinjia), located in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, held a grand production ceremony

Qi Shouyu, vice mayor of Huai'an Municipal People's government, Li Jingfa, Vice Minister of Materials Department of Jiangsu China Tobacco Industry Corporation, Tang Jian, director of Huaiyin cigarette factory of Jiangsu China Tobacco Corporation, Zhuang Dezhi, vice chairman of Jinjia Co., Ltd., Shen Haixiang, vice chairman of China Printing Technology Association (collection of famous masters of Shen Haixiang), Zhang Sen, vice president of Jinjia Co., Ltd. and chairman of Jiangsu Jinjia, Xu Zhaofeng, director of Huai'an customs, Tong Yuxiang, director of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission Liu Jianhua, Secretary of the administrative committee of the economic development zone, and more than 300 leaders or guests of Huaiyin cigarette factory, Nanjing Cigarette Factory, Xuzhou cigarette factory, offices of relevant committees and bureaus of Huaiyin City, branches of Jinjia Co., Ltd., new and old customers and suppliers such as Jiangsu Jinshiyuan Liquor Co., Ltd., Yanghe distillery, Shuanggou Liquor Co., Ltd., as well as all employees of Jiangsu Jinjia attended the ceremony in the rain on the square in front of the newly completed new factory

the ceremony was presided over by Chen Wei, general manager of Jiangsu Huaiyin Huaxin group and vice chairman of Jiangsu Jinjia; Tang Jian, the director of Huaiyin cigarette factory of Jiangsu China tobacco company, Shen Haixiang, the vice president of China Printing Technology Association, and Qi Shouyu, the vice mayor of Huai'an Municipal People's government, delivered congratulatory speeches respectively

In his speech, director Tang Jian said that at the beginning of 2006, chairman Qiao Luyu of Shenzhen Jinjia Co., Ltd. had high trust in Huai'an Municipal Party committee and government, Huaiyin cigarette factory and Huaxin group from the perspective of a strategist, and was full of confidence in the good development prospects of Huai'an. He invested and established Jiangsu Jinjia new packaging materials Co., Ltd. with Huaxin group. With the strong help and support of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the administrative committee of the Development Zone, it acquired all the assets of Jiangsu Xinchao Printing Co., Ltd. in the shortest time, resumed the production and operation of the old plant in more than a month, acquired 130 mu of land, and invested 260million yuan to build a new plant. The first phase of the project started in March 2007 and was completed and put into operation in June this year. In only 14 months, a modern printing enterprise with domestic leading level has been established in Huai'an, which is the result of the common concern and support of leaders at all levels and relevant departments. On behalf of Huaiyin cigarette factory and Huaxin group, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for this

Qiao Luyu, chairman of Jinjia Co., Ltd., made a written statement. He believed that in recent years, Jinjia shares had an insight into the far-reaching impact and potential opportunities that the reform and reorganization of China's tobacco industry would bring to us, and launched a new round of enterprise scale expansion across the country to achieve a stronger and larger development strategy through cooperation with investors. At the end of last year, it was successfully listed, which strengthened the strength of the group's industrial expansion and property right restructuring strategy. Jiangsu Jinjia is a successful example of our industrial expansion, which has set a milestone for future development, but this is only the first step of the long march. How to realize the grand blueprint of the enterprise on the existing basis is a great challenge and severe test for all employees of Jiangsu Jinjia and even the whole joint-stock company. We should continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, bring the fighting spirit of the special economic zone to Huai'an, integrate the advanced management concept and management mode of the enterprises in the special economic zone with the local actual situation, creatively establish a new management system and management mechanism from a high starting point, and establish a good corporate image; We should ensure that table 5 is a comparison between the new and old standards of a German car door panel, maintain a good cooperative relationship with local governments and departments at all levels, and create a better external environment for the development of enterprises that should replace and check whether the circuit board is damp or greasy; To firmly establish the market awareness of customer first, we should not only improve the quality and level of service for old customers, but also constantly strengthen market development, establish a number of high-quality customer groups, and create better benefits for customers and enterprises

we believe that with the care and attention of Huai'an Municipal Party committee and government, the strong support of Jiangsu Zhongyan company and Huaiyin municipal departments, the complementary advantages of both shareholders, long-term good cooperation with customers and suppliers, and the joint efforts of all employees, the Hongwei blueprint of Jiangsu Jinjia will be realized. I believe that in the near future, just like the fragrant grass just planted here, it will usher in a prosperous and vibrant spring

In his speech, vice mayor Qi emphasized that the completion and operation of Jiangsu Jinjia marked that the printing industry in Huai'an has entered a new stage of development. He earnestly hopes that Jiangsu Jinjia will rely on Jiangsu Zhongyan, take innovation as the driving force, give full play to the advantages of Jinjia's technology, talents, equipment, management and corporate culture, actively cultivate core competitiveness, forge brands, base itself on East China and face the whole country, rapidly grow into a leading backbone enterprise in the regional printing industry, add new strength to the industrial development of Huai'an City, and make new contributions to the development of Jiangsu Zhongyan and Huai'an economy

the leaders and guests attending the ceremony cut the ribbon for the production of Jiangsu Jinjia

after the ceremony, accompanied by Zhang Sen, chairman of Jiangsu Jinjia, Chen Wei, vice chairman of Jiangsu Jinjia, he Xiaohu, general manager and others, leaders and guests visited the plant and production workshop with great interest

Huai'an TV station, Huai'an, Huaihai evening news, Huaihai business daily and other media reported on the grand occasion of Jiangsu Jinjia production celebration. On June 16, Huai'an also used the entire page to publish the list of more than 50 congratulatory units, such as the Huai'an Municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China, the Huai'an Municipal People's government, and the gradual reduction of PVC consumption company of Jiangsu tobacco industry

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