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Jiangsu plans to reduce the production capacity of steel (crude steel) by 11.7 million tons in two years

Jiangsu plans to reduce the production capacity of steel (crude steel) by 11.7 million tons in two years

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Jiangsu, a major iron and steel Province, announced on January 17 the implementation opinions on resolving excess capacity in the iron and steel industry and achieving poverty relief development. Starting from 2017, it will reduce the production capacity of steel (crude steel) by 11.7 million tons in two years. By the end of the 13th five year plan, the utilization rate of iron and steel production capacity in the province had reached a reasonable level, and "zombie enterprises" basically withdrew

in 2016, Jiangsu Province resolved a total of 5.8 million tons of iron and steel overcapacity, and completed the national deployment of capacity reduction. But this is obviously not enough. According to the plan, during the "13th five year plan", Jiangsu needs to tighten the foundation bolts of the experimental machine. The goal of reducing production capacity of the provincial steel industry is 17.5 million tons, and the current completion progress is 33%. From January 12 to 14, the sixth supervision group of the State Council came to Jiangsu steel again to supervise the elimination of backward production capacity in the coal industry of polycarbonate insole iron

according to the "implementation opinions", Jiangsu will carry out a special action to eliminate the backward in the iron and steel industry, and shut down and dismantle the corresponding backward blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces and other equipment; If the steel production capacity fails to meet the standard requirements within the time limit, it shall be withdrawn according to the law and regulations, and the corresponding smelting equipment must be removed. If the conditions for removal are not met temporarily, the water and power supply shall be cut off, the power unit shall be removed, and the smelting equipment shall be sealed after performing the procedures

Jiangsu has established a higher standard than the national standard for eliminating backward production capacity, and plans to support and guide iron and steel enterprises to gradually withdraw from iron smelting blast furnaces of 500 cubic meters and below, steel-making converters and electric furnaces of 45 tons and below, exit from the sintering process energy consumption of 53kgce/t, blast furnace process energy consumption of 415kgce/t, converter process energy consumption of -15kgce/t, electric furnace steel smelting power consumption process equipment, exit from the sintering and pelletizing process particle concentration of 45 mg/m3, The concentration of sulfur dioxide is 190 mg/m3, and the concentration of nitrogen oxide is 290 mg/m3; The particle concentration of blast furnace process (raw material system, pulverized coal system, blast furnace casting yard) is 20 mg/m3; Process equipment with a particle concentration of 47 mg/m3 in the converter (primary flue gas) in the steelmaking process. If the steel sealing gasket is broken, iron enterprises must fully apply energy-saving and emission reduction technologies such as dry coke quenching, dry dedusting of blast furnace gas, desulfurization of sintering flue gas, and recycling of waste water

"implementation opinions" requires that effective incentive and restraint measures be formulated and introduced by the end of 2018 to promote the withdrawal of most "zombie enterprises" in the steel industry through mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation. On this basis, actively participate in the major strategic reorganization of the national steel industry, promote the reduction and relocation of urban steel mills, and the transfer of steel mills in densely populated areas to the coast. Qualified enterprises should give priority to the implementation. From 2019 to 2020, the "zombie enterprises" should be retreated, substantial progress has been made in strategic major mergers and acquisitions, and large-scale iron and steel enterprise groups have begun to take shape. 2021 make the use of products quieter and more durable - 2025 will basically form a development pattern dominated by large enterprise groups, with reasonable regional layout, advanced product technology, prominent quality brands, good economic benefits and strong competitiveness, and realize the historic leap from large to strong in Jiangsu's iron and steel industry

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