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Nearly 500 students in Jiangsu No. 1 middle school moved to the new site, and some of them were diagnosed with lymphatic cancer

after Changzhou native language school moved to the new site, Mr. 493 detected dermatitis, abnormal blood targets, etc., and some of them were diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, leukemia, etc. After testing, pollutants were detected in the groundwater and air of the campus. There were three chemical plants on the land being excavated around the school. Experts said that the pollution suffered by the campus was consistent with the pollutants on the land of the chemical plant. (CCTV jiangxiaoping)

on January 4, Xinhua reported that after the soil restoration of Changzhou Changlong plot, it attracted social attention. For the well-being of children, many parents of Changzhou native language school contacted Ben and put forward some moving plans, expressing their desire to move the school to other campuses. On January 6, the person in charge of Changzhou native language school said that at the request of parents, the relevant authorities had been contacted to hold a reconciliation meeting, and the transition of moving was not considered. Changzhou environmental protection department said that the repair task has stopped, and there can be pesticide smell during the construction process, so it is difficult to identify whether the smell will affect the surrounding people

worry: students have frequent allergies and vomiting

Changzhou National Language School has 58 classes in junior and senior high schools, with about 2800 teachers, students and employees. In September 2015, the school moved to the new campus located in Longhutang street, new North District. The new campus is only one way from the Changlong polluted plot, which can complete the experiment process in Flana with high efficiency, high precision and low cost. In December 2015, a parent smelled a comforting smell around the school when picking up and seeing off their children, and later learned that it was the Changlong polluted garden that was stopping the soil restoration construction. The former site of the polluted garden is a pesticide factory and chemical factory for decades. After hearing the news, parents became anxious and questioned the improper location of Changzhou native language school

later, when talking, parents found that children have presented discomfort since they arrived at the new campus, and many of them have the same symptoms. According to the incomplete statistics of the parents of class 10 of a grade in Changzhou native language school, 14 rational students in this class showed discomfort symptoms, most of which were sore throat, skin allergy and rash, and even some students showed vomiting. According to the parents' reaction, this kind of scene is not oneortwo classes, almost all over the school. Parents suspect that this kind of scene is related to the soil restoration of Changlong plot

anxiety: parents raised funds overnight to purchase polluters

these two days, the children's school environment is safe, and the results have always worried parents. A seventh grade student's parents told Ben: "after Xinhua report, we haven't seen the evaluation statement issued by a fair third-party professional and powerful organization. Many parents also called the mayor and environmental protection, but they didn't get a proper reply. Watching children open their homes and step into the campus every day, they are in danger. Parents can do nothing but worry and can't do anything else." According to the parents' introduction, on the evening of January 5, there was a class of parents who each contributed money. After the bond was firmly cemented, they bought two polluters through the internal attachment of the electronic universal experimental machine for 5600 yuan. It took only one hour from the proposal to the installation, which shows the anxiety of parents

"we buy better polluters in the market, and we also know that no matter how expensive or good machinery is, it is not effective for toxic air, but we still want to do our part for children, and we can improve some, even if it is to buy comfort." Speaking of this, Mr. Li MIS, the parent of Mr. Li, quietly flushed his eyes. According to the experience, it is not an example for parents to voluntarily raise funds to purchase air polluters. After the successful commissioning of the home system in many classes, the elders spontaneously organized to buy air polluters for the classroom, but they also collected information and sought expert advice, knowing that their influence was lacking in wisdom

schools: do not consider moving to transition

since this year, the "poison track" business on Jiangsu campus has aroused social attention, and some schools have finally chosen to move to Enron campus for transition. Therefore, many parents call Ben, and the risk of site repair is more serious than that of toxic runways. In the current environment that cannot be handled, they call on Changzhou National Language School to also move all for transition, and parents spontaneously look for suitable transition occasions. At present, parents have proposed more feasible transition occasions, such as the Baiyun campus of Changzhou University and the vacant Qinglong middle school

Caohui, the principal of Changzhou native language school, said that the school has been working hard on this matter. At present, it has organized the relevant departments of the authorities to hold a reconciliation meeting, which is the same as the parents of Mr. When Ben told Cao Hui how his parents wanted the school to move and transition, Cao Hui said that the school had not considered moving and transition

on January 6, Changzhou Environmental Protection Bureau told Ben that the restoration of Changlong plot has been stopped. The surrounding air has also been monitored, and the odor concentration does not exceed the standard, but if the odor concentration does not exceed the standard, it cannot be said that it has no impact on the environment. Some substances are difficult to identify, so it is difficult to determine whether the repair task has an impact on the surrounding population

however, parents said it was difficult to take over the interpretation of environmental protection. The parents of a class in Grade 7 think that the environment of the toxic plot is well known, and its risks and impacts are both explicit and more unpredictable. I hope that when some parts can make a difference, the shutdown can't deal with the fountain results. I also hope that the school can provide environmental monitoring records. Parents are willing to work with the school to let their children learn and grow in a healthy environment. It is reported that

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