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Five wind power projects will be built along the coast of Nantong, Jiangsu Province to build the strongest wind farm in Asia

recently, the marine environmental impact assessment of five wind power projects along the coast of Nantong has passed the expert review meeting organized by Jiangsu provincial and Municipal Oceanic and Fisheries Bureau. These five wind farms are: the first phase expansion project of Dongfeng power concession project, the second phase of Dongfeng power concession project, which I personally believe is more practical and reasonable in the verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine, the first phase project of Rudong County Dongling wind farm, the Rudong 30 MW intertidal test wind farm project, and the Rudong 150 MW intertidal wind farm phase I demonstration project

the commencement of the construction of these five wind farm projects will make the coastal area of Nantong the largest wind farm in Asia, and drive the development of wind power equipment and other supporting industries. It is strictly prohibited to use it for the inspection of human bodies or animal exhibitions. The construction of two offshore intertidal wind farm projects will also fill the gap in the construction of offshore wind farms in Jiangsu Province

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