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Jiangsu first "offered a reward" of 180million to solve technical problems

release date: Source: the Chinese government

digital display electronic experimental machine is suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. Recently, at the seventh Jiangsu industry university research cooperation conference held in Nanjing, unless there are special needs, participating enterprises publicly solicited solutions to technical problems encountered in innovative research and development, The enterprises participating in the solicitation mainly used to compare the hardness and softness of different minerals, and the reward reached 180million

it is reported that it is the first time in Jiangsu to solve technical problems in the form of "reward" on such a large scale. Since the preparation of the event, enterprises and scientific research institutions have received enthusiastic responses, and more than 500 enterprises have successively applied for clues to problems. These problems to be solved involve the core technical links in the fields of electronic information, biology and new medicine, new materials, advanced manufacturing and automation. Finally, 169 problems were screened and released to the whole society, with a total reward of 180million

at the industry university research conference, 9 enterprises invited bids for on-site problems, and all expert teams could "unveil" for negotiation. We can see that some enterprises have reached cooperation intentions with experts who came to "answer". Wu Xizhong, general manager of Nanjing Jinshan Automotive Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd., who signed a contract with the expert team of Nanjing University, said that the enterprise's R & D strength was limited, and there was often no way to ask for help when encountering problems in the past. I didn't expect that the "technology reward" was so efficient. In more than 10 days, I found an expert who can "suit the case", and initially realized the strategic transformation of China from a large material country to a powerful material country

Ding Yin, a professor at the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Nanjing University who helped enterprises solve "difficult problems", said that similar industry university research matchmaking has really brought the patent achievements on paper to the ground. "I tend to go to enterprises frequently, and I hope there will be more and more opportunities for similar industry university research docking. Looking at the actual needs of the market, researchers' work will be more directional." Ding Yin said

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