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Jiangsu heavy machinery Co., Ltd. shines at the "BMW Exhibition" in Shanghai, and XCMG's intelligent new products appear at the

Jiangsu heavy machinery Co., Ltd. shines at the "BMW Exhibition" in Shanghai. XCMG's intelligent new products appear at the

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exhibition site. The 700 tonnage hydraulic excavator with the reputation of "China's first excavation" has attracted many eyes. This "big guy" with a height of 3 floors can dig 50 tons of minerals with a bucket and complete the loading and transportation of more than 30000 tons of coal in 8 hours. According to the staff, this product has achieved a breakthrough in the centralized application of key core technologies for the first time, making China the fourth country in the world with the design, R & D and manufacturing capacity of hydraulic excavators above 700 tons

"we should make our products to the extreme and carefully polish the construction machinery into handicrafts." Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said that during the exhibition, they brought 79 host products, 41 pieces (sets) and more than 3/4 of the parts were hot-air plastic granulating machine parts and non physical displays. Including xca1600, the world's largest tonnage all terrain crane, xr800e rotary drilling rig, xs365ai self-determination unmanned road roller, XCMG X1's new generation of environmental sanitation intelligent equipment, China's first six section arm xzj5092jgkh5 aerial work vehicle, China's largest tonnage "four wheel belt" set of products, reducer that breaks the international monopoly, etc., which have become the centralized display of the latest achievements of XCMG's intelligent products

during the exhibition, initiated by XCMG and involving more than 60 enterprises and scientific research institutions, the "what should we pay attention to in the use of high-end construction machinery and core parts industry technology innovation war universal tensile tester? Strategic alliance" was launched and established, which will focus on the advantageous innovation resources of the construction machinery industry, work together to break through the key common technologies of the industry, and build an independent and controllable innovation chain of high-end equipment and core parts industry, Solve the bottleneck of "hollowing out" of China's equipment industry

Jiangsu has taken action to develop the equipment industry. Among the 13 advanced manufacturing industry clusters built by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, which are not only the basic production links indispensable to a large number of industrial and agricultural products, the construction machinery industry ranks among them, and strives to make the comprehensive influence of the four industrial clusters such as construction machinery reach the first-class level of the world's release of the "directory of guidance for the implementation and utilization of the first (set) major technical equipment" by 2025

at present, Jiangsu construction machinery industry has a good momentum of development and competes with industry giants in the international market. In January this year, XCMG achieved an operating income of 91.9 billion yuan, of which the main business income increased by 47.7% year-on-year; The total exports of brands reached US $1.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 41%, and all indicators reached a record high

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