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On behalf of Shanghai to enter the "national team" twice in a week, this entrepreneurial park may represent the future direction of China's artificial intelligence

Shanghai Changyang innovation Valley and 8 home areas such as Beijing Zhongguancun No. 1 and Hangzhou artificial intelligence town were selected as the first batch of national artificial intelligence demonstration parks. Just two days ago, in the list of "2019 local implementation projects of culture and tourism maker action" released by the Ministry of culture and tourism, Changyang chuanggu was impressively listed, becoming the only Shanghai project among the 25 selected projects in the country

at the 2019 China Artificial Intelligence Summit (CAIS 2019) held this morning, the artificial intelligence demonstration park selected by the China artificial intelligence industry development alliance was officially announced. Shanghai Changyang Valley and eight home districts, including Beijing Zhongguancun No. 1 and Hangzhou artificial intelligence Town, were selected as the first batch of national artificial intelligence demonstration parks

just two days ago, in the list of "2019 local implementation projects of culture and tourism maker action" released by the Ministry of culture and tourism, Changyang chuanggu was impressively listed, becoming the only Shanghai project among the 25 selected projects in the country. In a week, he was selected into the "national team" on behalf of Shanghai for two consecutive times and competed with national excellent projects. What is the excellence of Changyang chuanggu AI park

the only AI Park in the city center

this selection is initiated by the China artificial intelligence industry development alliance (AIIa), which is an industry alliance gathering domestic excellent AI enterprises. "The selection of Changyang chuanggu into the first batch of artificial intelligence demonstration parks is the result of comprehensive consideration and evaluation of the park's work in the establishment of artificial intelligence industrial ecology and industrial agglomeration." Jia Hao, deputy director of the office of China artificial intelligence industry development alliance, said at the awarding ceremony

Changyang chuanggu

open the list of the first batch of national artificial intelligence demonstration parks. Nanjing Xingang high tech Industrial Park, Zhongguancun No. 1, China (Hangzhou) artificial intelligence Town, Beijing Yizhuang Artificial Intelligence Science Park, Suzhou High Speed Railway New Town artificial intelligence Industrial Park, Shandong Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou artificial intelligence Industrial Park, etc. are all old brand high-tech industrial parks

"most of the selected industrial parks are built in the suburbs of the city or remote areas of the main urban area, with a large industrial area, and the introduction is also dominated by large enterprises and platforms." Zhang Hong, general manager of Changyang Valley Park, who just attended the summit, said that among the eight demonstration parks, Changyang Valley is the only industrial park in the central urban area. The park has built many incubation platforms, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that introduce innovation and entrepreneurship

security robots shuttle around the park

Changyang chuanggu is located in the old urban area in the middle of Yangpu, for example. Its predecessor is the China Textile Machinery Factory, which was built in 1952. The office building with green plants on the outer wall was originally a deserted factory building, and the road signs were transformed from rusty steel plates. The big gear decoration on the wall reveals the rust stains of a century old industrial civilization. In such a park transformed from old factories, innovative and entrepreneurial large, medium and small enterprises coexist, and about 20 upstream and downstream enterprises of the artificial intelligence industry chain are gathered

the construction of artificial intelligence related industry demonstration areas is of great significance to promote the development of local artificial intelligence industry, help the park improve its service capacity, and accelerate the formation of high-quality industrial clusters. In the future, all artificial intelligence demonstration parks across the country will hand in 2 We should protect the electronic extended flow, competition and common development, and provide high-quality services to help the AI enterprises in the park become bigger and stronger. Jia Hao said that in order to further expand the depth and breadth of AI demonstration parks, the alliance will start the recruitment of the second batch of AI demonstration parks

integrate AI into the living environment

entering the park, you can see driverless cars and unmanned express cars shuttling around at any time, patrol robots work 24 hours a day, and hundreds of AI application scenarios are all over the park. In many high-tech software parks, enterprises mostly communicate with each other in technology, which is not the case in Changyang chuanggu

in Changyang chuanggu, AI technology is fully applied to the park services, and the providers of these products and services are also enterprises in the park. In the past, white-collar workers often complained about the lack of parking space for charging piles in the park. The autonomous charging robot developed by chuanggu enterprise Aichi automobile has solved this problem well. The robot comes with it. In the past, it used to "find piles for cars", but now it has become "find piles for cars". The charging speed reaches one kilowatt hour per minute, providing charging services for new energy vehicles on the spot

Aichi automobile

in March this year, the high-tech enterprise Beidou Xinghe settled in Changyang chuanggu, integrating the comprehensive management mode of "traffic management, anti-theft and fire control" into the overall structure of smart public security, forming a long-term supervision mechanism for non motor vehicle management, which can serve the surrounding urban areas. In the future, it is expected to form an intelligent control system for electric bicycles covering Shanghai

entrepreneurs apply for business licenses in the smart "chuangxiang"

children taste ice cream made by robots

"the construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios not only provides enterprises with opportunities to practice, but also deeply integrates into the lives of ordinary people." Every evening, grandparents living in the nearby community take their children into this open park to exercise in the unmanned fitness cabin and taste a cup of ice cream or milk tea made by robots. This is also a process of science popularization, so that everyone can personally feel the products and applications of AI. This is also the reason why chuanggu can be selected into the "2019 local implementation project of culture and tourism maker action"

robot "milk tea maker"

play table tennis with robots in the unmanned fitness cabin

spread the new concept of artificial intelligence

on June 26, Dr. Fang Yajun, a research scientist at the intelligent transportation system research center of Massachusetts Institute of technology and an expert in robot vision research, was invited to Changyang innovation Valley to share and discuss the theme of artificial intelligence with more than a dozen enterprises and experts in the related fields of Yangpu artificial intelligence, Many cutting-edge ideas were born at the meeting, which was impressive

seminar site

when a technology develops to a certain extent, it will bring ethical problems, as will artificial intelligence. Dr. Fang cited a nearby example. Recently, users of a taxi software found that with the same software, different, the layout of the same space is becoming more and more reasonable. The system quotation is different - cheaper for new customers and more expensive for old customers. Behind the "maturity" of software, it is based on artificial intelligence technology

seminar site

Fang Yajun said that the development of artificial intelligence is in the ascendant, and the resulting new privacy security, communication security, environmental pollution and other issues should not be ignored. "Technology is a double-edged sword. At present, the development of artificial intelligence technology in China is still at the first step - how to use this technology." He pointed out that in the future, we should further analyze the relationship between technology and people, as well as the ethical and security issues behind technology. These views resonate with CTOs and technicians in many related industries here

the unicorn garden in the park provides a place for entrepreneurs to relax and exchange

"for AI technology, Changyang chuanggu not only makes unlimited use of it, for example, we use AI robots to patrol and sweep the floor, but the saved manpower is used to do more detailed data analysis and other things that only people can do, so that people can work closely with AI." Zhang Hong said that on the basis of equal interaction, the park will discuss the future direction of AI with entrepreneurs

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