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Zhongzhou Futures: Shanghai Jiao fell below the support. When the adjustment was in progress, the price of Shanghai Jiao finally broke the range today. The main contract 0811 opened 25855, with a maximum of 26035. After early trading, BYD was significantly impacted. Half of the session suddenly fell, with a minimum of 24930 and a closing of 25425, down 495 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and 10368 positions were increased daily. Accept the physical negative line with long shadow line on the K-line

let's take a look at it now.

rubber prices in Tokyo also fell slightly, falling to the 60 day moving average. There was no news stimulus for this sharp correction, which can be regarded as a spontaneous delayed response of the market to the sharp decline in crude oil prices. After hitting the 60 day moving average, Shanghai rubber covered part of the decline, and further price changes may require new information guidance

operationally, short orders can be retained, and aggressive investors can short at high prices

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