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When winter comes, paint factories should not lose the market in "hibernation"

the strong wind and cooling weather in recent days has brought winter to the weather, and also brought "winter" to the paint industry. A visit to some coating enterprises in Dalian found that these enterprises have prepared to give workers a holiday, stop production and start "hibernation" according to the practice of winter every year. On November 19, I came to a coating enterprise in puwan new area and found that there was no summer heat and roaring machines here. Several workers were cleaning up raw material barrels, mixers and other production tools in the yard, and the door of the production workshop had been locked. The choice of paint enterprises to stop production in winter is determined by the nature of paint products. The relevant personnel of the enterprise told that at present, the coatings used in the market are mainly water-based coatings, which have unparalleled advantages over other coating products in all aspects of performance, especially health and environmental protection, which are the most popular characteristics of water-based coatings. However, 20% to 50% of water-based coatings are water, which cannot be produced, stored and transported below 0 ° C, and cannot be painted normally below 5 ° C, which has become the "hard injury" of water-based coatings. What's more serious about the coating is that if these dust enter the electro-hydraulic system, the control function can be completed with a delicate body, and the hydraulic system of the connecting servo universal experimental machine of PC can be abandoned. The production technology of the hydraulic system is relatively simple and the cycle is very fast. Generally, it will be used tomorrow, and the production will be in time tonight, so enterprises will not choose to overstock and stock up. Therefore, in northern China, generally in the middle and late November, the manufacturer will stop production and have a holiday until the temperature warms the next year

I met the manager of the factory on the third floor of the factory office building. The manager told that the development of the coating industry is closely related to the construction industry. At the beginning of construction, a large amount of paint is needed, but if it is used too frequently, the paint enterprises will start production at full power; The construction stopped, and the coating enterprises also stopped production. Because the construction of Dalian is basically stopped in winter, their factory usually gives workers a month's leave from late November to early March of the next year. They will be put into operation again after the construction is restarted in April next year

with the promotion of urbanization in the whole region in recent years, the construction market in Dalian is booming, and the coating industry has also entered a prosperous "golden development period". This has been confirmed in many coating enterprises. The person in charge of a paint enterprise located in Jinzhou new area told that the performance of the enterprise had doubled in recent years, and the output and sales revenue of this year had doubled compared with last year. In the peak season of summer and autumn, it was basically necessary to work overtime every night, and the products were taken away by customers the next day

although the market is booming, some insiders remind enterprises to have a sense of hardship. Analysts of zhuochuang information, the first portal of China's bulk commodity information, believe that the industry boom is sometimes like a "double-edged sword". On the one hand, existing enterprises have made good profits, but on the other hand, it is bound to attract more funds to enter the industry. More and more similar enterprises' experimental machines will reach the accuracy of 0.5. There is no problem that the industry will spring up like mushrooms, Enterprises will undoubtedly face more fierce market competition in the next step. Industry insiders suggest that coating enterprises that generally "hibernate" in northern winter, rather than have a holiday, should take advantage of the winter idle period, pay more attention to the latest product technology, process improvement and industry trends, turn the idle period into a reserve period, and carry out technology research and development and product upgrading, so as to take the initiative in the next production cycle and even in the future market competition for a long time. "Don't really hibernate, because you may lose the market in hibernation!"

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