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With the rapid development of the construction industry in our country and the comprehensive promotion of building energy conservation, energy-saving design standards and people's requirements for the thermal comfort and other performance of external windows are becoming higher and higher, but limited by many factors such as technical conditions, at present, most of the windows in existing and new buildings in our country mostly use ordinary transparent glass, which is neither energy-saving nor safe, This has also become the direction of China's efforts in the field of environmental protection skills

glass film was first developed in the United States in the late 1930s, and it was difficult for the price of raw materials to rise and applied to the aerospace field. With the continuous development of glass film research, glass film products and technologies are constantly updated, and the cost is constantly falling. Glass film is gradually used in the automotive industry and construction industry. With the development of economy and concept of the times, in recent years, glass film is more and more used in building doors and windows, curtain walls, ceilings, and has become a new type of building energy-saving materials

the heat insulation and cold resistance held by the glass film, isolate ultraviolet rays, improve microcosmic, enhance privacy, clear perspective, and reduce dazzling 2 Put the new broach on the knife box to prevent wanton damage and thieves, explosion-proof and earthquake resistant and many other properties, We have to provide people with a better quality than before [Zhongsu news] "Life as one of the key areas of new materials in China.

in foreign countries, the popularity of building glass film is relatively high. Since 1998, with the enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and the continuous introduction of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, China has higher and higher requirements for energy conservation of building glass; however, because building glass film is a high-tech product, and there is a technical bottleneck in the production of film in China, there is no such product in China at present It is a regular manufacturer of building thermal insulation film products, and the building thermal insulation film products used in China mainly rely on imports. Zhonghua glass () Department

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