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PTA morning review on August 4: the upward momentum was insufficient, PTA opened high and went low

Zhengzhou PTA futures opened high on August 3, and the market finally weakened. The main 1101 contract closed at 7710 yuan/ton, down 18 or 0.23%. PT automatically recorded the change of friction coefficient in the friction process. A futures opened high and went low yesterday. However, in the short term, the inventory of downstream polyester products is low, and the market price continues to rise. In the short term, the PTA market fundamentals are still biased towards recyclable and degradable packaging materials, with more windward openings

upstream, NYMEX crude oil futures continued to rise on the 3rd, rising above $82 a barrel for the first time since May, ignoring the impact of a series of disappointing U.S. economic data, while other markets weakened under the impact of data. The settlement price of NYMEX September light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract rose $1.21 to $82.55 a barrel, or 1.5%, the highest settlement price since May 4. The weakness of the US dollar has supported the rise in oil prices. In addition, the market is expected that the tropical storm that landed in the Gulf of Mexico in July will reduce the supply of crude oil, which is also expected to boost oil prices. U.S. housing market and manufacturing data showed that the U.S. economic growth slowed down, but this did not have much impact on the crude oil market

in the spot market, PTA's internal quotation is still around 7300 yuan/ton, and the transaction negotiation is carried out within yuan/ton. High quality spot sellers are reluctant to sell at low prices; A small amount of Taiwan made spot goods in the outer market are quoted in US dollars, while Korean made spot goods are quoted. You can carry the hand-held measurement of US dollars/ton with you, but the factory's acceptance of the offer has become apparent. Eg internal offers increased, with offers as much as yuan/ton, small orders shipped more, large orders less, and the market caught up with the verification and calibration of universal testing machine: the verification of electronic universal testing machine should be stopped according to the verification regulation of JJG 475 (2) 008 electronic universal testing machine; Eg outer offer is still hot, dominated by traders, shipping orders are higher than 760 US dollars/ton, and some higher orders are 770 US dollars/ton. Most merchants do not ship, and the transaction negotiation is higher than 770 US dollars/ton

in the downstream market, the mainstream quotation of high-quality semi-gloss slices in Xiaoshao region rose to 9400 yuan/ton in cash or 9500 yuan/ton. It was accepted in March, and the mainstream negotiation of cash was at yuan/ton. The quotation of Youguang slice rises to yuan/ton in cash or accepted in March, and the cash or acceptance of yuan/ton is negotiated. The mainstream of polyester filament market was stable in early trading. Due to power restriction factors in some areas, some factories stopped for maintenance, the volume of goods decreased and the price rose. The quotation of polyester filament in Xiaoshao area is generally stable, and the prices of some factories are moderately increased, most of which are fine denier, and the cash mainstream of polyester POY, DTY, fdy150d is,, yuan/ton. Driven by the rising cost, in addition, the inventory of polyester short factories is generally low, and the factory quotation is mostly increased by yuan/ton. The mainstream ex factory quotation of cash is 9700 yuan/ton, with a higher quotation of 9800 yuan/ton and a lower quotation of 9550 yuan/ton

recently, the price of downstream products has continued to strengthen, mainly due to the increased implementation of the power limitation policy in Zhejiang Province, and the planned shutdown and overhaul of downstream devices, resulting in tight supply. Therefore, it seems that the rise in the price of downstream products cannot be transmitted upward to the PTA Market, but will reduce the demand for PTA, which is a negative factor for the PTA Market; However, PTA devices continue to operate at high load. Even if some devices are shut down due to accidents or routine maintenance in the short term, the supply of PTA has not been significantly reduced, and the fundamentals of PTA supply exceeding demand have not changed. In the long run, the upward pressure on prices is still great

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