When the most popular plastic limit is in progress

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The future opportunities of the paper packaging industry are still in sight when plastic restrictions are in progress

the invention of plastic has solved many needs in our life. From industrial production to basic necessities of life, it brings great convenience to mankind

however, the improper use of plastic products, especially if no polymer slurry is used, is an excessive use of disposable plastic products. Nature and mankind are threatened by plastic pollution. The "plastic restriction order" promotes the partial substitution of paper packaging for plastic packaging

as the most original packaging, paper packaging has its green and environmental protection advantages compared with the packaging of metal and wood products that can be rarely reused after being used once. As the general trend, with "green, environmental protection and intelligence" becoming the development direction of the packaging industry, green paper packaging will also be the product that conforms to today's market demand. It is applicable to metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, information, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other fields

KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks and other major enterprises have joined the anti plastic "team" and switched to biodegradable environmental friendly green packaging

McDonald's will replace all plastic straws with paper straws

in June 2018, McDonald's announced that its branches in Britain and Ireland will replace all plastic straws with paper straws with Changxing Island (West Central Island) petrochemical industry base as the core from September. Since November 1st, 2018, McDonald's China has announced that it will pilot test the "straw free cup cover" and the scheme of not actively providing straw in 10 restaurants in Beijing to encourage consumers to reduce the use of straw

Nestle yes! Snack bar launches paper packaging

recently, Nestle announced the launch of yes with new recyclable paper packaging! Snack bar. It is reported that this is the first time that nestle candy bars have used paper packaging made by high-speed flow wrap technology. Previously, high-speed flow packaging technology was only used for the packaging production of plastic films and plastic sheets

therefore, we can also see:

new features of the development of paper packaging printing technology

single layer materials are developing towards multi-layer materials

offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, printing and other printing methods coexist, and flexographic printing will grow fastest

the development of single sheet paper to web paper and single machine to online production

the comprehensive application of various relevant new technologies (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, etc.) constantly optimizes the whole production system

development trend of paper packaging containers

one-time molded paper containers will gradually replace the current die-cutting composite paper containers

deep plastic coating technology gradually replaces the wax coating in the past

composite technology has become an important skill in the development of paper containers

CAD and cam systems will greatly shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of paper packaging containers

in addition, paper products packaging focuses on developing high-grade paper packaging with low gram weight, high reinforcement and light weight, which can achieve the goals of standardization, serialization, multi variety, multi base materials and multi-purpose. According to the theory of diminishing marginal cost, the more the number of cycles of paper packaging, the lower the single use cost. Therefore, how to increase the number of cycles of paper packaging will also be a difficult problem for packaging enterprises in the future

the global economic and industrial system is emerging, and the concepts of "zero packaging", "simplified packaging" and "green packaging" led by the packaging revolution are being put into practice. Green goods and green packaging have become a hot spot in the packaging industry. Green packaging is a kind of high-tech packaging, in which the wood pulp numbered 47 touches the tariff of 25%, 20% and 5%. From raw materials, to the design and manufacture of packaging, to the use and recycling of products, every link should be resource-saving, efficient and harmless. Ecological packaging materials have received widespread attention in the world, and their research should be considered from the whole process of development, design, production, use, waste and so on

in the future development, only by adopting advanced technology can the packaging industry enhance its competitiveness and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises

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