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When the "weight loss" plan of moon cake packaging was under way, the Mid Autumn Festival was gradually progressing, and the moon cake market was becoming increasingly prosperous. The expensive gift moon cakes began to be replaced by the ordinary packaged moon cakes with moderate prices. However, there are still some gifts with higher prices. The packaging of moon cakes is too expensive for consumers to bear

visited some large supermarkets and food malls in Harbin, and found that various brands of moon cakes have occupied eye-catching positions. The sales counters of some well-known brands of moon cakes are filled with small packages of moon cakes at moderate prices, attracting many consumers. In some counters, there are still some beautifully packaged moon cake gift boxes. Although the price is still lower than that in previous years, few people are interested in them. Some moon cake gift boxes even carry tie-in items such as tea and wine. After the salesperson explained, it was known that these boxes were made before the relevant departments advocated moon cake packaging and slimming down

it is confirmed that the mooncakes in the packaging box are actually the same as those in retail. According to the price of a box of mooncakes of a certain brand, the price of a kilogram is 213 yuan. When the hammer or puncture cone is increased by 4 yuan, and the actual price of mooncakes is only 65 yuan per kilogram, then the price of the packaging box is more than twice that of the mooncakes itself, and the more exquisite the production is, the more expensive the packaging is. Of course, moon cakes with exquisite packaging can always bring sensory pleasure to people. However, when moon cake manufacturers pay more and more attention to packaging rather than moon cakes, they may forget that moon cakes are for eating

there are many reasons for this luxurious trend of moon cake packaging. Because the sales time of moon cakes is only a few days before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, and there are many moon cake manufacturers of different sizes, fierce competition forces some moon cake manufacturers to try to attract customers' attention and occupy the market through exquisite packaging. Moreover, giving gifts during the festival seems to have become an unwritten rule. Naturally, giving moon cakes during the Mid Autumn Festival is also the first choice of many people. Some customers only want exquisite packaging, but don't look at the quality of moon cakes. At the same time, moon cake manufacturers also think that the profits of moon cakes themselves are too thin, and have made the idea of packaging. In this way, under the common needs of customers and businesses, the price of moon cakes with luxury packaging is higher and higher

the excessive packaging of moon cakes has consumed a lot of social wealth, resulting in many waves of Jinan experimental machine technical parameters main specifications fees. According to statistics, China's baking industry spends up to 2.5 billion yuan on moon cake packaging every year, and the packaging cost accounts for more than 30% of the production cost of moon cakes on average. In addition, moon cake packaging also consumes a lot of valuable forest resources. It is understood that for every 10 million boxes of moon cakes, 400 to 6000 trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables

after the relevant departments advocated the slimming of moon cakes, the moon can make buildings and bridges bear a greater load. Although the packaging of moon cakes has been reduced to a certain extent, it still cannot meet the requirements of most consumers on the whole, causing a certain amount of pollution and waste. In today's conservation oriented society, the weight loss plan of moon cake packaging is still in progress

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