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Recently, the peak season production of Changchai multi cylinder machine factory is in full swing. In order to ensure the stability and order of peak season production, the multi cylinder machine factory has made careful deployment in the early stage. First, in terms of production, the work and rest time and human resources have been adjusted in time to ensure the successful completion of peak season production tasks. Second, in terms of quality, department leaders require on-site employees to uphold The idea of "everyone is a post operator" is to do a good job in post work and control the quality. The factory Department will further strengthen the assessment, improve the incentive means, improve the incentives for parts rejection, and encourage employees who can find quality problems in time, so as to avoid quality loss and ensure the product quality in peak season production. Third, in terms of safety, the multi cylinder engine factory requires the safety officers of each team to rectify the hidden safety problems found in time and track the rectification, so as to avoid industrial accidents. In the peak season production after the beginning of this year, the multi cylinder engine factory did not have any safety accidents. In addition, for the management Kanban of each section, the leaders of the multi cylinder machine factory require the team leaders of each section to update the Kanban content in time, so that the management Kanban can not only become a window for front-line employees to understand the company's development, market dynamics, product quality and other information, but also become a platform for departments and front-line employees to communicate, exchange and learn from each other

it is reported that after the Spring Festival, the production and sales of Changchai multi cylinder machines are booming, and the multi cylinder machine factory has opened full power to ensure orders. The two general assembly production lines are operating at full capacity, with a daily output of more than 500 units. So far, the output of multi cylinder machines in February has exceeded 8000 units, of which 4g33tc multi cylinder machines are the highlight of peak season production. The supporting quantity is large, the increment is obvious, and the market prospect is promising. They are welcomed by supporting users, and have become a strong support for Changchai to make a good start. The leaders of the multi cylinder engine factory stressed that the more it is - May 8th, 2014. During the operation, the more it is necessary to care about the employees while adding water while adding materials. It is necessary to fully mobilize the positive factors of all aspects, work together, roll up the sleeves and work hard, fight the tough battle of production in the peak season, compare production and marketing, grasp quality, complete security and competition skills, and make new contributions to the accelerated development of Changchai. (this article is from Chang Chai)

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