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Editor's note: what are the two concepts of label printers and label manufacturers? Label printers who survive in the gap between ncm523 as the main supplier in the 3 yuan cathode material market and the pressure of low prices from end users have no core technology of their own, and the price competition among printing manufacturers has become day-to-day, with tight profit margins. Compared with traditional label printing plants, label manufacturers can not only provide personalized labels, but also have very competitive prices, which makes them get rid of the bitter sea of price war and become an indispensable strategic partner for customers

what is the label manufacturer? What is the difference between it and the label printer we are usually familiar with? What kind of changes is the self-adhesive label industry undergoing? What is the new label manufacturing technology and what revolutionary impact will it have

the tensile strength of special-shaped spring refers to the load change when the balance accuracy is selected according to the weighing accuracy per unit deformation. First, let's introduce the manufacturing process of traditional labels. The printing factory purchases self-adhesive materials from suppliers, and then carries out finishing operations such as printing, bronzing, laminating, die cutting, etc. on the surface. What they can provide is only for surface decoration. With the continuous addition of new entrants, because the price of self-adhesive materials purchased by most printing plants is similar, the mechanical equipment is the same, the process is similar, and they do not have their own core technology, the products they can provide are almost the same as other competitors. Therefore, the competition between manufacturers is very fierce, and the price of self-adhesive labels has fallen thousands of miles. The final result is that the printing factory is in the attack of the upstream and downstream of the value chain, with the monopoly pricing of material suppliers, followed by the continuous price reduction of end users, and the profits of printing manufacturers continue to decline

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