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Danger! When the power workers are repairing, the transformer is on fire, fuel injection and sudden flash explosion

original title: danger! Western news (Shaanxi radio and television station "first" Jiang Yue) this morning (October 9), an audience reported that a transformer on the side of the road suddenly flashed on the banyinlu road in Xi'an. At that time, an electric worker was repairing the circuit on one side, and the situation was very dangerous

from this video shot by you in less than 3 seconds, we can see that a transformer on the roadside has been blackened due to flash explosion, and the oil ejected from the transformer flows downstream, polluting all the surrounding baffles below, and there is an electric worker working next to it. According to the address in the video, I came to the intersection of Banyin road and Hansen East Road in Xi'an this morning. At the southeast corner of the intersection, 30 meters away from each electronic tensile testing machine, I found the transformer with flash explosion. According to a sanitation worker at the scene, she was sweeping the floor at the intersection when the flash explosion occurred

sanitation worker: "I'm afraid. I ran from east to west, but I saw a fire."

: "how big is the fire?"

sanitation worker: "not too big."

: "how long did the fire last?"

sanitation worker: "in a few minutes, there were several shouts. At that time, there were people from the power supply bureau above, and there were people checking on the pole. When they were checking, they suddenly flashed."

when arriving at the site, I didn't see the electric workers who were overhauling at that time. Behind the transformer is a construction site, where workers can still be seen working through the enclosure. So what was the reason for the sudden flash explosion of the transformer at that time? Then, through various contacts, I interviewed the power worker

the hardness of the material is calculated from the depth of the indentation in the textile city security line of the distribution operation inspection room of Xi'an power supply company of the state-owned company. "He (construction site)" The power distribution may be used for production. The load is not enough and it is saturated, so it burned in the morning and the short circuit burned out. When I went there in the morning, the oil was splashing down with the tap. The sales of environmental friendly plastic bags was actually not ideal. At the beginning, only one insurance burst, and we went to deal with it as a normal insurance. After dealing with this insurance, it caught fire, fuel injection and short circuit instantly. In fact, problems had occurred for the first time, and we successfully won the bid for the construction project of the national demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials, But the first short circuit didn't show up, and we couldn't see it. "

it was learned from the power department that when a flash explosion occurred, only the power supply at this construction site was affected, and it did not affect the electricity consumption of residents in surrounding communities. At present, the power department said that they would transport a new transformer to replace the burnt transformer

: Gao Zhengchao

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