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When the motor needs to be repaired and the work to be done for regular maintenance

(1) minor repair is generally once a quarter

the motor and starting equipment are only subject to general maintenance without major disassembly. Minor repair items are as follows:

① using high activity San (acrylonitrile styrene copolymer) in qinger can improve the above problems. Remove the dust and dirt on the motor housing to facilitate heat dissipation; Measure the insulation resistance

② check and clean the junction box. Remove dust and dirt; Check whether the crimping screw is loose and burned; Tighten the nut

③ check all fixing screws and grounding wires. Check whether the grounding screw (4) starts the testing machine, end cover screws and bearing cover screws are fastened; Whether the grounding is reliable

④ check the bearing. Remove the bearing cover. Check whether the bearing is lack of oil or oil leakage, supplement it if it is lack of oil, and replace it if it is dirty; Remove one end cover and check whether the air gap is even to judge whether the bearing is worn

⑤ check whether the transmission device is reliable, whether the belt tightness is moderate, and whether the transmission device is damaged

⑥ check and clean the starting equipment. Clean the dust and dirt of the shell, check whether the contact is burned, whether the contact is good, and wipe the contact; Whether the connector has burns and electric erosion, and whether the action is consistent; Whether the grounding is reliable if there is grounding; Measure the insulation resistance

⑦ the electric brush of wound motor shall be adjusted or replaced. The brush needs to be renewed if it is worn out for 1/3

(2) overhaul is generally once a year

disassemble the motor for comprehensive inspection. Thoroughly clean and repair. Overhaul items are as follows:

① clean the inside and outside of the motor. First remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the casing, disassemble the motor, blow the dust with leather tiger or compressed air with 2-3 gauge pressure, and then wipe the dirt with a dry cloth, and blow it again after wiping

② clean the bearing. Scrape off the old bearing oil, immerse the bearing in diesel oil, wash and dry it with a clean cloth; Clean the bearing cover; If the bearing can continue to be used, it should be added with new grease. The commonly used greases on the motor include compound calcium base grease (zfg 2, zfg 3, etc.) and lithium base grease (ZL 2, ZL 3, etc.). For bearings with heavy load and high speed, molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease can be selected

③ check whether the motor winding and rotor have faults. Whether the winding has grounding, short circuit, open circuit and aging (the color turns brown after aging), if any, it should be handled in time; Whether the rotor has broken bars; Measure whether the insulation resistance meets the requirements

④ check whether the stator and rotor cores are rubbing. Observe the stator and rotor iron cores. This is a competition that competes with your own strength, and there is no trace of friction. If there is any, it should be corrected

⑤ check whether other parts of the motor are complete, worn and damaged

⑥ clean and check the starting equipment, measuring instruments and protection. Take the Class B1 Standard in the new national standard GB8624 ⑵ 012 classification of combustion performance of building materials and products as an example. Remove dust and oil stains; Check whether the contacts of the starting equipment are in good condition and whether the wiring is firm; Whether each instrument is accurate; Whether the protection device operates well and accurately

⑦ clean and check the transmission device. Remove dust and oil stains; Check the tightness of the belt; Whether the coupling is firm and whether the connecting screw is loose

⑧ commissioning inspection. Assemble the motor and measure the insulation resistance; Check whether the rotating parts are flexible; Whether the installation is firm; Whether the voltage and current are normal during startup and operation, and whether there is abnormal vibration and noise

⑨ the slip ring and brush device should also be repaired for the wound motor

after the maintenance, fill in the maintenance record sheet for reference

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