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Smart electricity: when the decision was made, Jiangsu Province established the smart electricity industry alliance (hereinafter referred to as smart alliance) in September 2010. Smart alliance is jointly initiated by 16 units such as Guodian NARI [78.00 0.13% and Hengtong group, and joined by more than 50 enterprises, almost including all elites in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of smart electricity in Jiangsu Province

before that, dozens of enterprises in Beijing Zhongguancun [7.37 -0.41%] have established smart alliances

Outside the smart alliance, power equipment manufacturing enterprises across the country are sharpening their knives for the business opportunities of smart electricity industrialization

in China's coastal areas, smart electricity is in the ascendant. Haiyan County, a small city in Zhejiang Province, has announced that 127000 electricity customers will soon replace all smart meters, making Haiyan the first quasi smart electricity city in China; Tianjin has begun to install smart meters for 4.17 million households free of charge. In the government work report of the national two sessions at the beginning of this year, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council mentioned the power problem eight times and made it clear to strengthen the construction of smart electricity, which is widely understood by the industry that smart electricity has been promoted to a national strategy

according to the national power planning, the construction cycle of strong smart power spans 12 years; By 2015, the coverage of power consumption information collection in the areas directly managed by the national power supply will reach 100%; Insiders of Chinese companies said that the total investment is initially estimated at 3.45 trillion yuan. From 2009 to the end of 2010, it is the planning pilot stage of the project

as an important infrastructure related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, it is necessary to have a strong electric frame; But electricity is both strong and smart, and its difficulty is self-evident

at present, people can predict that once the strong smart power is completed, it will affect China's real smart power in all aspects. It will be a huge technology, industry, political and economic complex, including all power links from power generation to power consumption, which may drive the development of new materials, high-end equipment research and development, clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction and other industries, as well as energy layout and even national energy security

huge market cake

with the promotion of bidding and construction of smart electricity projects, the investment enthusiasm of local governments and enterprises has increased step by step [26.48 -0.86%]; Smart electricity is driving the upstream and downstream industries to form a huge smart industry chain

3 trillion

the relevant person in charge of state grid made it clear that in the next 10 years, the average annual investment of smart electricity is expected to be about 300billion yuan. In the view of industry experts, the investment capital of state power will drive ten times or even a hundred times to follow up

smart electricity construction will become the super engine of China's economic growth in the next 5-10 years. Wu Jiandong, chief energy expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview that its investment pull effect will increase GDP by at least one percentage point per year

the stock market is the first to perceive this positive. In the first half of 2010, the Shanghai and Shenzhen index fell by 28%, while the smart electricity sector index fell by only 2.4%, and the leader in the sector rose sharply against the trend

according to the national power development plan, 2009 and 2010 are just the pilot stage of smart power planning, the main work is to formulate planning and relevant standards, and there is little investment in this stage. The upcoming 2011-2015 is the comprehensive construction stage of the smart electricity plan, with an investment of nearly 2trillion yuan

we judge that once this plan is implemented, it will produce a huge market cake. An entrepreneur participating in the smart Alliance said that the battle has begun

local preemption

the national plan for smart electricity is still in preparation, but the local government has preempted in advance

at the beginning of May, Jiangsu Province announced the outline of the special planning for the development of intelligent power industry in Jiangsu Province (2009-2012), which proposed the development idea of driving the intelligent power industry with the construction of intelligent power and promoting the construction of intelligent power with the development of intelligent power industry. Jiangsu Province set 1 Learn about the relevant materials of molds: it is scheduled to invest 20billion yuan in intelligence every year. By 2012 and 2015, the total output value of the intelligent power industry will exceed the grand goals of 150billion yuan and 300billion yuan respectively, so that the decentralized power equipment manufacturing industry will form an industrial agglomeration effect

on May 12, Shanghai launched the action plan for promoting the development of smart electricity industry in Shanghai (2010-2012). According to the plan, Shanghai will take new energy access and control, intelligent substation system and intelligent equipment, electric energy storage, intelligent distribution and intelligent user terminal as the key development direction of intelligent electricity. Strive to cultivate 3-5 leading enterprises in the smart electricity industry by 2012, and form a competitive smart electricity industry cluster with an industrial scale of 50billion yuan

the rush of Jiangsu and Shanghai has resonated, and Shandong, Hebei, Zhejiang and other provinces have also launched smart electricity development planning

don't fall behind. Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission officials revealed that the state power Shandong Branch has been instructed to draw up the provincial smart power planning outline

in fact, Guodian Shandong Branch has preliminarily completed the "smart power development plan of Shandong Electric Power Group (review draft)", but the corresponding investment is far lower than that in Jiangsu and Shanghai

the construction and investment of smart electricity in Shandong Province should be consistent with its status as a major economic province, and the annual investment in smart electricity should not be less than that in Jiangsu Province. The above-mentioned officials of Shandong development and Reform Commission revealed that Shandong also hopes to promote the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement similar to the Shanghai model between Shandong and Guodian

cities take the lead over provincial governments. As early as 2009, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, has been in contact with the State Grid, hoping to build the city into the first smart city in the country with 2 (5) sets of spare variable speed gears

we feel that it is impractical to build a smart city at present, so we declined. An expert from State Grid said

however, this has not dampened the enthusiasm of Yangzhou to develop the smart electricity industry. In April, 2010, Yangzhou established Jiangsu intelligent power industry base, which is the first intelligent power industry base in China. Although most of this base is empty at present, Yangzhou municipal government has clearly specified the specific goal of building a 100 billion level intelligent power industry base

all districts and counties in Yangzhou are also planning their own intelligent industry bases. Baoying County, relying on Baosheng Group, develops smart cables and wires; Hanjiang focuses on wind power equipment manufacturing to build a power and electrical equipment group; Jiangdu plans to establish a characteristic industrial park dominated by power fittings; Even Lingtang Hui Township in Gaoyou also built an intelligent electricity industry base in June, mainly promoting wind power generation, bio intelligent power generation and energy storage technology

Yao Jianguo, deputy chief engineer of the state electric power academy, once made a special trip to Yangzhou on the construction of smart electricity. The effect is not very ideal. They still consider it from the perspective of developing local industries

Yangzhou style race is still being copied. On May 7, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province issued a new electrical industry development plan, which plans to build Wenzhou into an International Electrical City in two years, with an annual output value of 100 billion yuan, relying on the gradual promotion of smart electricity construction; Henan Pingdingshan has also drawn up the blueprint of Zhongyuan Electric City. Its goal is to achieve an annual output value of 60billion yuan by 2015. The capital market has been seriously overheated and the market is overdrawn. In fact, there are not so many opportunities. Wang Yimin, director of Smart Power Department of State Grid Corporation of China, said

academician zhouxiaoxin, chief engineer of China electric power [1.66 1.22%] Academy of Sciences, believes that with the promotion of bidding and construction of smart power projects, the enthusiasm of local governments will further rise; Although these enthusiasm is a little hasty, from the local point of view, the investment of 4trillion yuan is undoubtedly a huge driving force for local governments to drive economic growth

golden decade of enterprise

I am either in Beijing, Jinan, or on the way from Beijing to Jinan. Wang Rongan, general manager of Shenzhen haoningda [34.92 -1.02%] (002356, SZ), told that the bidding of smart meters of Guodian was entrusted to Guodian Shandong Branch, and shuttling between Beijing and Jinan was his normal work

since the first bidding for smart meters in December 2009, the bidding for supporting facilities such as smart meters and information collectors has become the first piece of Tangseng meat for industry enterprises. A number of electricity meter enterprises swarmed in, and haoningda, which started first, has made some gains

on September 2, haoningda announced that the company won the bidding for smart meter procurement project of State Grid Corporation of China. The total number of successful bidders was 313000, with a total amount of 95.9617 million yuan, accounting for 35.70% of the company's total operating revenue in 2009

on that day, haoningda rose by the limit

haoningda's expanding demand field won the bid in the second round of bidding in 2010 conducted by China in July this year. In this bidding, a total of 1.88 million smart meters were invited, including 15 manufacturers including haoningda, Shenzhen Kelu, Ningbo Samsung, Changsha Weisheng and Yantai Weston

Li Li, the representative of haoningda securities affairs, told that this was the second time haoningda won the bid for smart meters in the year. In the first batch of smart meters bidding in China in early July 2010, haoningda won 698000 meters, with a total bid amount of 124 million yuan, accounting for 39.41% of the company's total operating revenue in 2009

won the bid twice and had enough food and clothing for a year. This also allows haoningda to increase the capacity expansion of smart meters. By 2012, the annual production capacity of the company's smart meters will be increased from 580000 to 1.88 million, an increase of nearly 240%

the entire electricity meter industry is repeating the haoningda type expansion. Guodian has conducted three tenders for smart electricity, successively inviting tenders for 2.71 million smart meters and 320000 information collectors, involving an amount of 620million yuan, and a total of 37 successful enterprises

this is just the beginning. Wu Jiandong, an intelligent expert, predicted in the report on the development strategy of China's intelligent interactive electricity that 240million smart meters need to be replaced in China's intelligent construction in the next five years. According to the calculation of national electricity, the procurement volume in this field will reach 60billion yuan

in smart power investment, high-voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage equipment account for absolute weight. However, due to high technical barriers, industry entry and capital barriers, this market is different from the highly competitive distribution market, showing an obvious oligarchic competition pattern

China XD [7.71 0.52%] group is a giant of complete sets of large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment in China, and has achieved a lot in the strong intelligent electric heating competition

China XD () dongmitian Ximin told that last month, the country just announced the results of the first batch of centralized large-scale bidding for smart electricity in 2010: XD took half of the four packages of transformers, composite appliances and lightning arresters; The only reactor package also costs XD. In addition to XD, many equipment manufacturers such as Guodian Nanzi [27.90 1.38%], Guodian Nanrui [78.03 need to open the main box installation board card 0.17%], XJ electric [35.89 0.53%], TBEA [20.35 1.60%], etc. also won the bid

according to the plan, 8000 smart substations will be built during the 12th Five Year Plan period and 7700 smart substations will be built during the 13th Five Year Plan period, which can be described as an infinite market

compared with smart meters, smart substations are big business. According to the data provided by Guodian Shandong Branch, the total cost of Zibo Lijia 110kV upgrading project currently being implemented is 24.1 million yuan, while the total investment of Jining huangtun new 110kV intelligent substation project is about 58 million yuan

compared with smart meters, which are mainly concentrated in private enterprises, most of the smart substations are industry giants. In the interview, it was learned that in addition to Xuji under the national command, the enterprises that carry out the research and development of intelligent substations and tackle key problems

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