When the hottest winter comes, our chili sauce fil

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When winter comes, our chili sauce filling machine is all the way popular

when winter comes, our chili sauce filling machine is all the way popular

according to all kinds of food on the market, the quick chili sauce filling machine is trying its best to seize the market, the sauce food has never fallen behind in the competition, and the sales of spicy sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, bean sauce, fresh chili sauce, Douchi and Pixian soybean sauce are all the way popular

pepper sauce filling machine this machine adopts photoelectric automatic control system. What are the abnormal problems of the unique electronic tensile testing machine and how to prevent the errors of the testing machine? Get up and have a look! The piston type filling form of can be filled continuously or freely. The horizontal mixing structure ensures the full mixing of sauce and oil, and greatly improves the filling performance and measurement accuracy

this machine is mainly designed and produced for the sub packaging of sauces in the food industry. It is especially suitable for chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame sauce with particles and high concentration in condiments. It has a broad development space! Filling of viscous sauces of jam, butter hotpot seasoning, red oil hotpot seasoning and other substances

1. The green development of plastic granulator in China is the trend, which is suitable for all kinds of sauces such as large particles, chili sauce and hot pot seasoning

2. Fast filling speed, the fastest 1000ml/s

3. Enable the sauce and oil to be fully mixed and filled

4. No gas source is needed to save energy

5. Simple structure and convenient maintenance

6. It is made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and safe

in order to meet the needs of better production and sales, local sauce manufacturers have accelerated the pace of technological innovation and introduced advanced filling machinery and equipment. This move has brought huge business opportunities to the upstream industry of sauce food filling machinery industry

a large number of people press the up and down buttons, but there is no response. Please cut off the power supply and wait for 5 minutes. Manufacturers of mechanical equipment have benefited a lot in today's hot sale of sauce food

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