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On the morning of October 29, gongs and drums roared and firecrackers sounded together. Shuanghu wooden door, one of the top ten brands of Chinese wooden door, was grandly opened in the home customization center of Xinfa decoration city in Guiyang, Guizhou, marking the further development of Shuanghu wooden door in the national regional market strategy

shuanghumen Guiyang store is located in Guiyang, the "summer capital of China". With beautiful environment and developed transportation, it is the first pilot city of circular economy in China and an important comprehensive railway hub in China. Shuanghu wooden door is one of the top ten brands of wooden doors in China. For many years, it has been putting quality first, ensuring genuine materials and introducing advanced technology, so as to win the market. In recent years, Shuanghu wooden door has developed rapidly in China's wooden door industry, and its sales are far ahead

Shuanghu wooden door has always created an elegant and comfortable living environment for consumers with avant-garde design concepts and a deep understanding of wood decoration technology. Shuanghu wooden door Guizhou store is located in the well-known home customization center in the region. The decoration in the store follows the consistent modern simple style. The products in the store are divided into several series according to the division: simple life, impression of northern Europe, supreme heaven and earth, new aristocracy, streamer splendor, and composite reinforced door. The overall product display effect is simple and lively, so that consumers can better choose their favorite products

"there is no best, only better" is the long-term service goal of every double tiger. In work, Shuanghu people smile at every customer, provide the services required by customers at the first time, and eliminate customers' doubts. Customer satisfaction is the constant pursuit of Shuanghu people

during the opening of Shuanghu wooden door Guizhou exclusive store, in order to give back to new and old customers, many discounts in the store are waiting for you to participate! In the future, Shuanghu wooden door will grow with you and provide many consumers with more innovative and high-quality products and more considerate services

detailed information of Shuanghu wooden door Guiyang store: 400-6618606





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