Installation of metal curtain rod of wooden curtai

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1、 Material requirements

1. Wood and products: generally, red, white pine and hard miscellaneous wood dry materials are used, with a moisture content of no more than 12%, and there shall be no cracks, distortion and other phenomena; Generally, semi-finished products or finished products are produced by wood processing plants and installed on the construction site

2. Hardware accessories: select hardware accessories, curtain rails, etc. according to the design

3. Metal curtain rod: the general design specifies the drawing number, specification and structural form, etc

II. Main machines and tools

1. Electric hand drill, small electric table saw

2. Woodworking large plane, small plane, slot plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisel, punch, hacksaw, etc

III. operating conditions

for rooms with concealed curtain boxes for suspended ceilings, ceiling construction should be carried out at the same time as the installation of curtain boxes

IV. operation process

1. Process flow

positioning and marking → Inspection and treatment of embedded parts → Check processed products → Installation of curtain box (rod)

2. Positioning and marking: when installing curtain box and curtain rod, center positioning should be carried out according to the requirements of the design drawing, snap the leveling line and find the structural relationship

3. Inspection and treatment of embedded parts: after line finding, check whether the position, specification and embedding method of the embedded fixed parts of the fixed curtain box (rod) can meet the requirements of installation and fixation, and take measures to deal with the errors in elevation, flatness, center position and distance out of the wall

4. Check the processed products: check the mobilized processed products. Before installation, check whether the variety, specification and assembly structure meet the requirements of design and installation

5. Installation of curtain box (rod):

1) installation of curtain box: first determine the elevation according to the horizontal line, draw the center line of the curtain box, align the center line of the curtain box with the center line of the window during installation, and stick the wall part of the box tightly. The fixation method is designed according to the individual

2) install curtain rail: curtain rail can be divided into single, double or three rails. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail shall be disconnected, and the bending at the disconnection shall be staggered. The bending shall be gentle and the lap length shall not be less than 200mm. The track is generally installed first for the open curtain box. Machine screws should be added to heavy curtain rails; The concealed curtain box shall be installed with track behind. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be spaced closely, and the specification of wood screws should not be less than 30mm. Keep the rail in a straight line after installation

3) curtain rod installation: correct the connecting fixings, install the rod or iron wire, and pull it on the fixings. Make sure that the level and elevation are consistent with the room elevation

v. quality standard

1. Guarantee project

1) the tree species, material grade, moisture content and anti-corrosion treatment of wood curtain box products must meet the design requirements and the provisions of the current code for construction and acceptance of wood structure engineering

2) the wooden curtain box and curtain rail must be installed firmly without looseness

3) the material of curtain rod must meet the specifications specified in the design, and the supporting parts must be firm

2. Basic items

1) the production size is correct, the surface is straight and smooth, the edges and corners are square, the lines are straight, the nail cap is not exposed, and there are no defects such as tenon, gouge marks, burrs, hammer marks, etc

2) the installation position is correct, the extension size of both ends is consistent, the joint is tight, the size of the wall is consistent, and the track and rod are straight

VI. finished product protection

1. Do not step on the radiator and windowsill plate during installation. It is strictly prohibited to knock and bump on the windowsill plate to prevent damage

2. After the curtain box is installed, apply a layer of primer paint in time to prevent damp deformation or pollution during plastering, shotcreting and other wet operations

3. The curtain rod or lead wire should be prevented from scoring, and the processed products should be properly kept to prevent deformation caused by moisture

VII. Quality problems that should be paid attention to

1. Uneven and incorrect installation of curtain boxes: mainly due to careless positioning and dimension lines, inaccurate installation of embedded parts, and improper adjustment and handling. The marking shall be correct before installation, and the installation gauge must make the elevation consistent and the center line accurate

2. The length of the two ends of the curtain box is inconsistent: it is mainly caused by the relative inaccuracy between the center of the window and the center of the curtain box, and the careless operation. During installation, check the size to make the length of both ends the same

3. Curtain track falling off: most of them are caused by too thin cover plates or loose screws. Generally, the thickness of cover plate should not be less than 15mm; Cover plates thinner than 15mm shall be fixed to the curtain rail with machine screws

4. The front panel of the curtain box is distorted: the wood is not dry during processing, and it is stored damp after entering the site. It should be painted in time during installation





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