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Decoration doesn't know color matching? Here is your most comprehensive reference

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every home is the place where dreams begin. Only those who live in it know what they want. In this case of Suzhou, in the early stage of decoration, the owner and designer had many communications and exchanges, and only then did they have a satisfactory home now. Good design is one aspect, but it is also very important to communicate with designers and speak out their ideas boldly

▲ in the living room, the designer boldly uses bright color matching to connect the color blocks well. Unlike most families, there is no TV in the living room of this family. The owner thinks that the living room is for chatting. Why watch TV? Also very personality

▲ the combination of beige sofa with color speckle carpet, sofa background wall and personalized single chair does not give people a very messy feeling, but expresses the unique personality of the owner

▲ the setting of restaurant card seats and bar counters not only increases the storage function, but also increases the living function and saves a lot of space. The card seat and bar counter have gradually become the first choice for owners to decorate, and the lower part of the card seat can also be used as a storage space

▲ the small bar separates the dining room from the living room, which not only beautifies the space, but also improves the petty bourgeoisie of the family and a proper high-grade life

▲ the aisle is not only decorated with exquisite and personalized photo walls, but also built a concealed locker, which makes the best use of space. If you also have an aisle in your home, don't waste it. Like the owner of this case, transform it

▲ the main bedroom is mainly colored with blue and yellow, and the hard bag and bright yellow wall board on the bedside background make the whole space bright and free, and expand the space vision

many owners will think that using bright colors will make their homes look strange, but it's not. Using bright colors in a small area will make the space look more bright and vibrant, which is also where the eye catches

▲ the bedding is echoed with some colors similar to the background at the head of the bed, showing a calm and atmospheric aristocratic style. The floating window is also simply made into a small leisure space, you can refer to it

▲ the second bedroom uses plain striped wallpaper to echo with blue bedding, creating a quiet and sleepy bedroom space. The elderly in the family will come to Suzhou to live for a period of time, so the overall feeling is relatively simple and elegant

▲ children's world is colorful, so it's best to use a variety of colors to create their own small space. Bright colors can give children an optimistic and positive feeling

▲ antique bricks are used on the walls and floors of the kitchen. Light colored cabinets echo the walls and floors, which well reflects the style expression of space

▲ the bathroom has made a basin on the stage, and an iron towel rack beside the mirror. The retro bricks on the ground are slanted together, and the waist flowers of the wall bricks are matched, which is retro and fashionable

as for the basin, the editor does not recommend making it into a basin on the stage. Because the fine cracks between the table top and the table top are difficult to clean, and water will be everywhere when washing your face

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