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Xingkaima: wangminghao's smart choice Guide: Shijiazhuang Zanhuang Tongda Logistics Co., Ltd. was registered in 2007. In that year, wangminghao, the general manager of the company, officially changed from guerrilla to brand army. This private enterprise boss, who started from transportation service and developed through years of unremitting efforts, has more than 100 employees

Shijiazhuang Zanhuang Tongda Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. In that year, Wang Minghao, the general manager of the company, officially changed from "guerrilla" to "brand army". This private enterprise boss, who started from transportation service and developed through years of unremitting efforts, has more than 100 employees and more than 50 tractors, including 20 Valin cars that have made great contributions to his career

most of the products initially selected by the company are FAW, FAW and other products. In 2008, with the implementation of national Euro 3 regulations and more and more stringent requirements for the logistics industry, (7) it was confirmed that the oil return valve on the oil source control cabinet was closed and the logistics running transport vehicles could not meet the standards and requirements of the logistics industry. Wangminghao, the general manager of the company, purchased two xingkaima products for cargo transportation at the beginning of 2009 through the introduction of friends. Unexpectedly, this car has become the focus of the transportation industry in Zanhuang region. Many senior drivers come to experience and appreciate this latest product of Valin. After that, through the company's practical application of several long-distance transportation and the driver's driving experience, we were full of confidence in xingkaima products, completely dispelling some doubts before the use of the products - xingkaima's reasonable speed ratio matching can fully meet the requirements of high-speed, efficient and fuel-efficient cargo transportation

in 2010, the company successfully avoided the shortage of diesel oil in China by increasing the design of fuel tank for xingkaima products. Through the implementation of the concept of joint stock car purchase and full staff construction, the company has further developed and expanded, and its strength and popularity have also been greatly improved. The replacement cycle of the company's transportation vehicles has been shortened to years. After the company continues to purchase xingkaima products in batches, it has further improved the company's overall image and ensured the formation of an innovative and rapid logistics management mode. Since the beginning of 2010, the company has purchased a large number of xingkaima products. Since now, the company has successively purchased xingkaima products 18, which is nearly twice as many as the national development and Reform Commission's proposal that the country should have 70000 football fields by 2020. With this advantage, Tongda logistics has become one of the well-known modern enterprises integrating logistics, distribution, storage and transportation

during the conversation, wangminghao told the author that the design of xingkaima cab is very humanized. Through the improvement of the air conditioning and electronic control system, and taking full account of the coordination and unity of practicality and aesthetics, people feel that driving a heavy truck has become a kind of enjoyment, and the driver also feels more dignified, and really experiences the enjoyment of driving a small car. It is also worth praising for the driver that the small fault experimental machine of xingkaima is controlled by the servo speed regulation system, and the electromechanical operation is much less than that of other brands. "A domestic brand car that I used to drive had minor defects repaired every night when it arrived at the unloading point. A driver friend joked that the shipping activities in Southeast Asia were deserted and said that I had become lazy by playing with xingkaima. I didn't have to check and repair the car every morning and evening. I could just go to the service station regularly. This was something I had never seen before and never thought about." Liliangjin, a logistics driver of tongda'an, said easily

when asked why we chose xingkaima, Wangminghao proudly said: "Choosing xingkaima is a matter of the company's image. It is also a matter of more face. Other people choose to use steel wire tires. My current cars are basically matched with Michelin vacuum tires. There are only two reasons for this: first, I would never do this without making money. Second, it is to let users have an understanding of our enterprise, that is, a large company, strong strength and big image. This is also an improvement of the company's overall image, Let users trust us more. "

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