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Jindong Paper Group 6 won the honorary title of "Jiangsu quality trustworthy group"

the 2013 Jiangsu quality trustworthy group selection and commendation conference hosted by Jiangsu Quality Management Association, Jiangsu Federation of trade unions, Jiangsu women's Federation and Jiangsu Science and Technology Association was held in Biyu garden, Zhenjiang on September 9. App Jindong recommended six grass-roots groups to participate in the selection: Class C of processing division, packaging division Class B of calcium carbonate division, class D of chemical and mechanical pulp division of chemical and mechanical pulp division, package selection and maintenance group of electrical section III, and chemical group of the Ministry of public works all won the honorary title

in recent years, various grass-roots units of APP Jindong have carried out a number of improvement activities under the concept of quality first and customer first, and achieved fruitful results. This quality trustworthy team selection activity is a mass grass-roots activity to cultivate quality improvement and team improvement from the grass-roots level. It is not only an effective form and way to carry out quality management activities, but also an important starting point and platform to strengthen team construction

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