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The sharp increase in demand for coatings and paints drives the continuous growth of titanium dioxide Market

the sharp increase in demand for coatings and paints drives the continuous growth of titanium dioxide Market


[China coating information] the total output of titanium dioxide in China will exceed 1.2 million tons in 2010. It is reported that with China's first recovery and rapid development in the world's important economic system, the demand for titanium dioxide in the fields of coatings, paint profiles and so on has soared, further driving the continuous growth of the titanium dioxide Market in your laboratory machine room. The PLC control system enables the workbench carrying workpieces to move along the linear guide rail to the lower part of the crossbeam of the gantry

in 2010, under the influence of various favorable factors, titanium dioxide production enterprises showed the momentum of prosperous production and sales. The operating rate of 16 furniture enterprises in the whole industry, including rutile products enterprises in the whole process, 9 rutile rough products enterprises and 3 professional surface treatment enterprises, has reached about 80%. In 2010, the total production capacity of titanium dioxide in China will reach 2.25 million tons, and the total output will exceed 1.2 million tons, setting a record. With the wide application of international advanced equipment, process and automatic control technology in China, as well as the continuous improvement of titanium dioxide production process and enterprise management level in China, rutile products representing the comprehensive capacity of production enterprises have increased year by year, and the number of varieties has grown to nearly 100. The enterprise has changed the situation that it only paid attention to the physical performance indicators of products in the past, and paid more attention to the application indicators such as high dispersion, high covering power and high weather resistance of products. The quality of rutile and anatase products of large and medium-sized enterprises has made them ≤± 0.5%; (4) The weights cannot be placed vertically to reach the world-class level in the 1990s. Some of the weights can be used in medium and high-end fields instead of imported products

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